2017 Goals in Review

2017 was a year of so many ups and downs, it’s hard to even sum it all up.  It had already started on a low note and had more crap happen throughout, but also some really good stuff too.

I guess I’ll start with the goals and how those went.  Since I broke my goals into four segments, I’ll do the same here.

Financials: 8/10 Done

I started the year with six financial related goals.  In July I added a seventh, and then added three more in August that were kind of insta-done because they were actually long term goals that I got accomplished during the year.

Financially, 2017 was an awesome year for me!  It started rough, with having to take a huge loan to pay for the roof replacement, but I got it with a good rate and the payments were manageable.  Then in August, I did a cash out refinance of my house, which enabled me to pay off that loan, all of my student loans, and the creeping credit card debt I’d built over the year from dealing with other house stuff.

That was a huge game changer!  My mortgage payment only went up $100/month, while I was able to get rid of two large debt payments.  The refinance did mean I “failed” on my goal of having the mortgage balance below $80,000 by the end of this year, but it was worth it.  The only other financial goal I failed was getting $1,500 in the Roth IRA as I wasn’t contributing enough per month to actually make said goal *doh*

Fitness and Health: 8/16 Done

Yay finances!  My fitness and health goals did not go nearly so well.  I started with eight goals, two related to weight goals, three for being active, and three for walking the stairs.  In September, I made my exercise goals more specific to include strength training goals, added two goals related to dental work, and one to refill my contact lens supply.

Overall, failed, failed, and more failed.  Started the year at 172, but was still doing a lot of emotional eating due to stress and grief, so ended up peaking back at 183 before I got it partially under control (still working on it).  So ending the year higher.

I was doing pretty good on doing some activity most work days, with 10 minute walks (minimum, often 20-30) almost every day and I got back to going to the rec a few times a week.  Near the end of the year, it fell by the wayside as life got in the way, but still, made some good strength training progress and can hopefully get back to swimming again now that I’m able.  I did get to doing the stairs twice a week as well, for a while, then the knee became an excuse and got out of the habit.

Around the House: 14/23 Done

Always my biggest category, and this year was no different.  Starting with thirteen goals to get done, and added ten more as the year progressed.  While I failed on some smaller, been needing to be done awhile goals, I did accomplish more than usual and the ones I accomplished were pretty big.

So this year:

  1. the back door screen was repaired
  2. new wood blinds up in my master bedroom
  3. main roof rafters repaired and the roof replaced, along with the fascia
  4. leaked on ceilings replaced
  5. I fixed my large fence gate to open again
  6. got my lawn mowed down
  7. added a new cabinet and counter to the kitchen
  8. reorganized my kitchen and breakfast nook
  9. Caught up on my shredding and filing
  10. Repurposed some wood into a new shelf in the dining room that’s a memorial shelf
  11. Replaced the hot water heater
  12. Replaced my long broken wall-mounted gas heater (so warm at last!)
  13. And bought a new living room AC (still not installed…)

Additionally, I also had gutters put on the house with the roof job and replaced my kitchen faucet, which has been leaky for a while.  I did fail to clean out the home office closet and to redo the small garden.  I got a quote on the electrical work, but it was more than I could afford at the time after everything else was done.  Also have not done the insulation in the attic, but that will hopefully be this year.  And considering all the medical issues I had this year, I’m pretty satisfied with what was done.

Everything Else: 10/14 Done

In the final catch all category, I started with seven goals.  During the course of the year, I added two in March, then five more in October.  In this area, one of the biggest ones I got done was one that has been on the list for a long time, namely recoding my site, An Eclectic World!  The need to move hosts helped get it going to the point I finished most of it over a single weekend!  I also wrote new importers for pulling in my lists of acquisitions, except for movies (because I didn’t buy any this year).

I also managed to get the redo of my ICEE guide done, replaced my desktop’s failing data drives with two new 1 TB ones (and got them set up to actually mirror!), found and bought a new band ring, and found and had made a memorial necklace with my mom’s ashes.

Petwise, Yuki got her teeth cleaning and both dogs are back on heartworm preventative, and flea as well.  Blue also ended up getting a teeth cleaning and nail trim.  Using Habitica has really helped me keep much better track of that stuff!

We went to London this year, so added a goal of getting all the pics edited and posted this year and actually managed to do it!  Also replaced the jacket I accidentally left behind.  Bonus, went to NC this month and those pics are also edited and posted!  Would have been a goal added if it wasn’t like the end of the year already 😀

And lastly, in terms of stuff done, was my goal of playing at least five console games (for me, that means playing through to the end of the game, not necessarily 100% completion).  It may seem like an odd goal, since its recreational, but I’ve bought over a dozen in the last two years but didn’t “find” time to play them.  I more than made up for it this year, though!  After finishing Tales of Zesteria (which I’d started last December), I played:

  1. Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 Remix, both KH Final Mix and Re:Chain of Memories (PS3)
  2. Persona 5 (PS4)
  3. Final Fantasy XV (PS4)
  4. Tales of Berseria (PS4)
  5. The Last Guardian (PS4)
  6. Beyond: Two Souls (PS3)
  7. Murdered: Soul Suspect (PS3)

I also started Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix from the 2.5 bundle.  So cleared a nice bit of backlog and had some good gaming fun.  Happy to say I enjoyed pretty much all of them.  Murdered: Soul Suspect was the shortest, maybe six hours total.  At 116 hours and 10 minutes, Persona 5 was definitely the longest, but amazeballs and so worth the time!

In terms of what I didn’t get done…overall I’m okay with it, though I do wish I’d gotten to getting the dogs groomed this year.  Just had too much other stuff going on, between house repairs, surgery, and all and kept procrastinating getting it going.  Still, not bad overall.