Summer’s ICEE Guide: Great American Cookies

The ICEE Machine at Great American Cookies

Great American Cookies is a well-known mall staple that primarily deals in all things cookies: small cookies, cookie bars, brownies, cookie sandwiches, and huge frosted cookie cakes.  For our location at Post Oak Mall, there is also a lovely ICEE machine behind the counter.


Post Oak Mall Ste 3018 (near the Dillard’s side), 1500 Harvey Rd, College Station (map)

Sizes & Costs

Great American Cookies offers three sizes of ICEE at above average prices, though their prices are not the worst for ICEE in the mall.

Small $1.89
Regular $2.49
Large $2.99


Great American Cookies has a three flavor machine, with the flavors being consistent: Coke, Blue Raspberry, and White Cherry.


I have never tried one of the Great American Cookies ICEE offerings as the prices are just too high for me to be willing to pay for it, especially with more sanely price options easily within reach.  They do use the traditional ICEE cups and straws, and I can say that I’ve never seen the machine broken down (though I should also note, I only got to the mall a few times a year).