Summer’s ICEE Guide: Buc-ee’s

Buc-ee’s is a fairly well-known chain of deluxe convenience stores known for their huge size, incredible selection of products including some delicious eats, near ridiculous levels of chip, candy, etc selections (only place I can find Cheetos Paws), and amazingly clean, comfortable bathrooms.  Now there isn’t a Buc-ee’s in the general Bryan-College Station area, but two are close enough that I decided I would be remiss not to add them to my guide.  Particularly when I have no qualms making the drive to indulge in their brisket every few months. LOL

There are many Buc-ee’s in Texas, but I’m just going to list the two locations I’ve been to and that are within a somewhat reasonable distance to BCS.


#18, 40900 US Hwy 290 Bypass, Waller (map) – a pleasant drive down Texas 6 when the weather is nice

#26, 205 I-45, Madisonville (map) – about 11 miles closer, and also a fairly straight drive to get to

Sizes & Costs

Buc-ee’s used to offer three sizes of ICEE, but they recently dropped the 32 oz large.  That said, the prices still can’t be beat and you can snag two for almost the normal price of one!  And I will neither confirm nor deny whether I’ve done just that 😉

Small (16 oz) $0.79
Medium (24 oz) $0.89


The thing that makes Buc-ee’s an ICEE lovers dream is the sheer quantity of ICEE machines and flavors!  Both Waller and Madisonville have four, four-flavor machines, with staple flavors on the outside slots of each machine (Coke or Pepsi & Dr. Pepper) and a range of flavors on the inside slots including the ubiquitous flavors like Cherry and Big Red, and more unusual ones like strawberry and lemonade.  It’s almost impossible to not find a flavor you’ll like with the choices here.


I’ve yet to get a bad ICEE from a Buc-ee’s.  Despite the quantity of machines, or maybe because of them, they are well tuned for perfect ICEE consistency, and the number of machines means the main staple flavors are rarely unavailable.  They use standard ICEE cups and straws of course.