Summer’s ICEE Guide: Target

There are two Target’s in the Bryan-College Station area and both serve ICEEs along with the usual Target café food (hot dogs, soft pretzels, Pizza Hut personal pans) and having a Starbucks.  As they are pretty similar in nature, I’ll cover them both on one post.


3061 Wildflower Dr, Bryan (map)

2100 Texas Ave S, College Station (map)

Sizes & Costs

Target offers all three sizes of ICEE and their prices are only about 20 cents higher than what I consider the standard ICEE prices.

Small $1.39
Medium $1.69
Large $1.99

If you have one of their REDCard things, they sometimes do freebie days for small ICEEs.


Both locations have four-flavor machines.  While Target used to vary their selection quite a bit, now they seem to mostly keep with Coke, Blue Raspberry, and one of the Cherry variants (either Wild or White, with White seeming to be more common).  I think the fourth flavor does change more often though when I went both had Strawberry Lemonade in that slot.

I would say that generally if ICEE does a seasonal flavor, Target might be a good place to check for it in that 4th slot.


The College Station Target used to have a horrible machine, always messy and broken, but I think they finally replaced it with a better one.  When I rechecked it for this post, it was clean and definitely newer looking.

The Bryan one is a much newer Target in general and I believe it has a newer machine, though I’m not sure when CS replaced theirs as I don’t shop there often.  I did have to laugh at the Bryan one being out-of-order the day I went to get a picture. 🙂

Target, in general, seems to do poorly on maintaining the right settings on their machines, though, leading to excessive CO2 in the ICEE (which then leads to faster separation of ice/syrup).  They also have a little less flavor to me, possibly from poor syrup ratios.

Target finally uses official ICEE cups, but alas they still only have their crappy, super thin soda straws instead of the big red ones.  So I recommend either having official ones on hand yourself, or swing through the Starbucks in the store where you can grab one of their nice wide ones (I’ve done this before and they were fine with it).