Summer’s ICEE Guide: Walmart

Walmart used to be an awesome ICEE location.  It had the right sizes, the standard flavors, and good pricing.  Alas, a year or so ago, they dropped down to only having medium and jacked up the price.  Still, if you’re in a bind and you’re already there, it isn’t the worse place to go.

There are three Walmart locations in Bryan-College Station at this point.  Two in Bryan, one in College Station.  All three have ICEE machines, and if I remember correctly, all three are the same configuration (I haven’t been to the older Bryan Walmart in a while).  The older Bryan location’s (#322) is inside a McDonald’s, while the other two are inside a Subway.

I am presuming all three have the same pricing schema at this point, since the newer Bryan one and the College Station one changed at the same time.  If I learn otherwise, I’ll update this listing accordingly.

(Sorry the pic of the machine is a bit blurry, harder to get the ones behind the counter with my phone)


#322, 2200 Briarcrest Dr, Bryan (map)

#1150, 1815 Brothers Blvd, College Station (map)

#4183, 643 N Harvey Mitchell Parkway (2818), Bryan (map)

Sizes & Costs

As noted, Walmart only offers one size of ICEE.

Medium (24 oz) $1.75


Walmart has a three flavor machine, with the standard trio of Coke, Cherry, and Blue Raspberry.  The flavors are consistent year round.


Walmart machines are generally well-maintained and up most of the time, probably in part to being much like Sams where they are poured for you by someone working the counter rather than being self-serve.  The consistency is fairly, well, consistent as well. 🙂

Their ICEE is served in traditional cup (though a variant that doesn’t list the size) and the requisite red straws.