Summer’s ICEE Guide: Star Cinema Grill

Star Cinema Grill is a dine-in theater concept, similar to Alamo Drafthouse, where you can enjoy a meal while you watch a show.  Among their mix of traditional movie fare and full-course menu, they also offer ICEE.  Alas, they only offer a single size and at such a ridiculous price that I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone, no matter how ICEE desperate you are.


1307 University Dr, College Station (map)

Sizes & Costs

As noted, Star Cinema only offers a single size ICEE and the price is just ridiculous, particularly as they do NOT include refills.  They do however offer one kind of ICEE you won’t find many places, namely a Jack & Coke ICEE for the adult ICEE drinkers among us.

Regular (possibly 32 oz) $6.00
Jack & Coke $10.00


Star Cinema has the traditional Coke and Cherry flavors, as well as the aforementioned Jack (Daniels) & Coke flavor at a premium price.


Suffice to say, no matter how much I love ICEE’s I will never spend $6 on one, so I haven’t tried Star Cinema’s to check the quality.  I also haven’t had a chance to even visit there to see the cups, or check out the machine, so the information on offerings comes from their website.