2018 Goals

Deciding this year’s goals has been harder than expected.  I don’t have any bigger things that come strongly to mind for things I want to attempt to get done this year.  And I found I did not want to keep carrying over the same goals year by year, because they are constant failures.

So, let’s see what I came up with.  As usual, I’ve grouped them into four major life areas and goals are chained so that I must accomplish one to do the next.


These are goals revolving around anything related to my personal finances and debts.  At this point, my only outstanding debt is my mortgage, so now mostly focusing on improving savings and retirement, and planning for future, larger purchases.

  1. Contribute $2,000 to my Roth IRA
  2. Buy a new vehicle (compact SUV, 2014 or newer, less than 50,000 miles, under $15k)
  3. Mortgage balance under $120,000

Fitness and Health

For once, no weight loss goal.  I haven’t given up on doing it, but I’m quitting putting it down as a goal because it’s always a fail.  Instead, focusing on specific targets for the types of exercise I do, as well as taking care of myself stuff.

  1. Strength training targets
    1. 60 lbs total (bar or 2×30 lbs dumbbells) for the bench exercises
    2. 50 lbs for lat pull downs
    3. 50 lbs for triceps push downs
    4. 60 lbs on seated row
    5. 60 lbs for fly
    6. 40 lbs for reverse lateral
  2. Swimming targets
    1. 30 minutes, 800 yards
    2. 45 minutes, 1000 yards
    3. 50m freestyle without having to pause at the wall
    4. 100m freestyle without having to pause
    5. 200m kick without having to pause
  3. Dental work
    1. Second round of extractions
    2. Fillings (three rounds)
    3. Deep cleaning
    4. Cleaning
    5. Teeth replacement
  4. Get back to following Naturally Slim principles

Around the House

Most of the huge house projects are done, for now, so focusing on smaller ones this year.  Also making an effort to really go through my house and get rid of the junk, reorganize, etc.

  1. Get the new living room A/C installed
  2. Glue down kitchen counter on new cabinets
  3. Get a new grill
  4. Insulate attic
  5. Get an estimate on new backyard fence
  6. Get an estimate on converting living room grate to trap door
  7. Mow once a month
  8. Clean gutters
  9. Declutter/straighten every room in the house, acquiring whatever organizational stuff is required for said goal
    1. Home office
    2. Living room
    3. Dining room
    4. Kitchen
    5. Breakfast Nook
    6. Bathroom
    7. Master Bedroom
    8. “Cat room”
    9. Library
    10. Utility Room
    11. Garage
  10. Replace master bedroom mattress and box spring

Everything Else

This segment includes goals for pretty much anything else that doesn’t fit in the other big categories, but aren’t enough to have their own. This includes hobby stuff, professional development, and the like.

  1. Get two more pairs of shoes – one walking, one casual flip-flop/sandal
  2. Get three more pairs of jeans – non-elastic waist!
  3. Get an album to store trip “paper memories” in
  4. Non-goal blog post at least once a month
  5. Learning Japanese
    1. Finish Human Japanese Beginner
    2. Finish Human Japanese Intermediate
  6. Buy new laptop
  7. Play at least 5 console games
  8. Watch one or more episodes from ten anime series – can be new or rewatch
  9. Watch the Harry Potter movies
  10. Read at least one hour a week