Contact Me

While in general I’m happy to hear from readers and will generally try to help other developers if I can, I’m less inclined to do so if:

  • you get my name and/or gender wrong (it’s easy enough to find here)
  • you call me by my last name without an appropriate honorific, because seriously I’m not a cop or military, nor am my mother who also hated being called by her last name
  • if you ask for help with an example or concept from a post that’s 2+ years old and/or deals with dated/deprecated libraries or with things I no longer work in, such as ColdFusion (for example, the Replacing CFGrid with DataTables article series – no I can’t help with that anymore!)
  • you ask for sensitive data, like full database structures, full server paths, access to our systems (seriously?), etc.; my examples are deliberately left at least somewhat vague, particularly when dealing with work product, because security, hello!
  • your message is rude, crude, or -ist… should go without saying, but for the socially clueless, there is it
  • it’s spam; spam is unsolicited commercial contact, period, and you trying to somehow proclaim that because you found me online and are providing information about a service it is somehow not spam doesn’t change the fact that it is, and annoying; spam gets auto filtered and reported

All that said, if you want to reach out to me and don’t want to just leave a comment on a post, email me at sswilson at this site’s domain, or ping me on social media.  No contact form because bots and haven’t gotten legit messages that way in years. 😛