Summer’s ICEE Guide: The Aggie Express (TAMU; Sbisa Dining Complex)

Summer's ICEE Guide: The Aggie Express (TAMU; Sbisa Dining Complex)

The Aggie Express’ ICEE Machine

The Aggie Express is a nice little ICEE oasis located on on the Texas A&M University campus.  It was, at one time, a Rattlers location as well, then some vendor, then Rattlers again, and now run by A&M internally again.  There are actually two locations on campus called Aggie Express, but I’ve only been to the Sbisa one, so it’s the only one this guide is covering for now.

Aggie Express can be found in Sbisa’s lower level, either access from the small set of stairs on Hogg street or by going through the main entrance on Houston and walking around to it.  It is generally closed when most food places on campus are closed (i.e. break times) and on weekends, but it does stay open for summer breaks.

While it is on campus, anyone can go when its open and there is convenient 30 minute free parking across the street, though avoid lunch times as the same parking is used for the post office!  It’s also not a far walk from Northgate if you want to park in the garage there, though that can cost a little.

If you’ve been to the Hullabaloo one and it has an ICEE machine too, let me know.


233 Hogg St, Texas A&M University Campus, College Station (map)

Sizes & Costs

Aggie Express is a fairly typical ICEE stop, with prices surprisingly in-line with the norm (considering campus food prices in general) and the usual sizes available.

Small $1.40
Medium $1.49
Large $1.69

The small may actually be $1.39.  There was no sign so I had to ask the store clerk and she may have rounded it up.


Aggie Express has a four-chamber machine is very consistent with its flavors being the four most common ones: Coke, Cherry, Dr. Pepper, and Blue Raspberry.  Very very rarely the Blue Raspberry changes out to something else, but in general you can expect to find all four anytime you go.


The machine is decently maintained and despite being heavily used in the summer and a good chunk of students using it regularly, it is up and operational most of the time other than the usual defrost cycles.  All cups and straws are the standard ICEE issues and while they are usually well stocked, if the straws are out their usual soda straws are wide enough to be usable backups.

(Sorry, no pic of the ICEE this time cause I drank it too fast LOL)