Goals for 2017

It’s that time again, time to set my goals for the year.  I prefer goals to “resolutions” as goals, done right, are actually specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, and time-based (i.e. SMART).  I’m also trying to improve upon last year’s number of failures with regards to my evaluations of what “achievable” and “realistic” entail. 😛

So every year, I look at some broad areas of my personal life and set goals for things I want to try to accomplish during the year.  Some of them are small (making for easier victories to keep up the momentum), some are big, some are sort of “well, duh, of course you will” items, and some are hairy, audacious things that are a stretch.  No matter the size or seriousness, they give me good targets to aim for and help me keep track of the things I want and/or need to do.

Also note that some goals are “chained” such that succeeding in one goal “unlocks” being able to work on the next.  If not specific time is mentioned, the goal is presumed to be by the end of the year.


These are goals revolving around anything related to my personal finances and debts.  While some may seem like duh goals, I do add a bit of a stretch to the debt repayments that push them just beyond what making the minimum payments would accomplish.

  1. Mortgage balance below $80,000
  2. Student loan balance below $15,000
  3. Student loan group 06/07 (oldest loans) paid in full
  4. Additional $1,500 added to Roth IRA
  5. Study personal loan options for paying for roof replacement and other repairs; get best rate possible and length to optimal balance between paying as fast as possible and obtaining other goals
  6. Take own personal loan for roof replacement and other repairs; update budget as need for payments

Fitness and Health

This section cover includes any goals related to my physical and mental health, my ever-present weight loss goals, and my efforts at being more physically fit.  While 2015 finally saw me lose weight thanks to NaturallySlim, emotional eating towards the end of the years made it go back up, so I have a few goals around that.

  1. Weight down to 160 lbs. (weight on January 1st: 172 lbs.) by June
  2. Weight down to 150 lbs. by end of year
  3. Do some form of physical activity, be it weight training, swimming, walking, or biking, at least twice a week at lunch time by March
  4. Consistently do some form of physical activity at least twice a week at lunch time by July
  5. Consistently do some form of physical activity at least three times a week at lunch time by October
  6. Walk up the stairs at work at least once a week by March
  7. Walk up the stairs at work at least twice a week by July
  8. Walk up the stairs at least three times a week by October

Around the House

As you might have guessed, these goals focus on house projects, big and small, and include renovations, repairs, decorating, and organizing tasks.  It is also where I have a lot of goals for this year, in part due to multiple goals that will go together under a single big project

  1. Replace or repair ripped up back door’s screen door
  2. Replace mini-blinds in master bedroom
  3. Replace main roof, main house’s fascia, and any soffits, as needed
  4. Replace ceiling in home office damaged by leaks; replace or repair additional leak damage as recommended
  5. Have attic fan removed from attic, if possible and not hideously expensive
  6. Have all old insulation removed from attic
  7. Upgrade electrical panel from 100 to 200 amp and have wiring fixed in bedrooms and living rooms, as well as AC in living room upgraded to 220 plug
  8. Replace living room and home office air conditioning units
  9. Replace insulation in attic
  10. Clean up/out home office closet (smaller one)
  11. De-weed and restore smaller front garden and replant
  12. Fix larger fence gate so opens again (has root stuck under door)
  13. Get backyard mowed back to sane levels again

Everything Else

This segment includes goals for pretty much anything else that doesn’t fit in the other big categories, but aren’t enough to have their own. This includes hobby stuff, professional development, and the like.

  1. Finish the recode of An Eclectic World and get off old host by March
  2. Play at least 5 console games
  3. Acquire a new band ring to wear to replace one I used to wear
  4. Get planned memorial necklace made, if/when ashes arrive…
  5. Get Yuki’s teeth cleaned and her back on heartworm preventative by February
  6. Redo ICEE guide as pages instead of posts and update to use galleries for ones covering multiple locations
  7. Replace both data drives in desktop computer, probably 750 GB or 1 TB drives