Summer’s ICEE Guide

I love ICEE‘s…seriously LOVE them.  I usually have at least once a week and for a few years, I was on a once a day habit.  I will drink them when it’s 100 outside or when it’s 40.  My love of the frozen drinks started in childhood and never went away.  Ever!  More than once it’s been remarked that if I ever turn down an ICEE, take me to the ER cause I’m deathly ill  😛

Flavor-wise, these days I generally get a blend of 2/3rd Coke to 1/3rd Cherry, sometimes doing Dr. Pepper instead of Coke.  I also will do Coke straight and sometimes try the new fruit flavors, though most have been hit or miss for me.  Fortunately, Coke and Cherry are staples of the majority of machines, making it easier to get my desired flavors when I find an ICEE.

However, it can be a challenge to find ICEE’s, especially the real deal, so I decided to create an ICEE guide for fellow locals (and an easy lookup for myself) on all the ICEE places in town, especially as the ICEE locator on their website sucks and is missing almost every place in town.

For each listing, I’ll include my comments on flavors, pricing, sizes, machine type, and quality to try to help other fans find their favorites.  I’ll also try to include pictures where possible.  If a place closes or changes down the road, I’ll update the posts for that.

I’ll be working on building out this list for a while, as I’m aiming to go to each place in person to, um, sample the goods. 😉  For quick reference, you’ll find an index of all entries below, along with my list of places left to go, and a map you can use while you’re out and about to get your fix 😀

Index of Entries

Working On

  • Cinemark
  • Premiere Cinema
  • Memorial Student Center (TAMU) – need to verify pricing 🙂
  • The Commons (TAMU) – need pic and verify sizing

Summer’s Icee Locator Map!

Hearts indicate my favorite spots!  Diamond and star locations are also good spots to hit if you’re near them.  The circles and squares are generally high priced, last resort options.


If you know of any locations I may be missing, let me know.  For this guide, I’ll only be covering ICEE, Slurpee, and Slush Monkey, which is the Stripes chain’s trademark ICEE drink, and I suspect is actually just ICEE under a similar type deal as 7-Eleven’s Slurpee…particularly when the machines and flavors are nearly identical…  I will not, however, be including actual slush or slushie type concoctions as they are distinctly different from the ICEE & Slurpee styles, being non-carbonated flavor bases.