Web Development

Diving into Abstract Classes!

I fully admit, while I knew the basics of interfaces in PHP, I couldn’t really see much use for them.  They just didn’t seem to have much purpose to me, so I mostly ignored their existing.  Until now! While working on the redo of one of our core applications, AgriLife […]

Keeping Active User Logged In in ZF3

With all of our Zend Framework 2 apps, our users can stay logged in as long as they are active – as determined by them essentially hitting pages within the app.  If they stopped navigating around, the system would time them out after X amount of time (usually 20 minutes, […]

Reducing Query Calls with Caching in ZF2

To improve performance on our apps, we’ve been working on a combination of optimizing queries to require fewer additional calls just to get a single bit of data (like the name of who added a record) and using caching to access data that doesn’t change frequently. For example, core pick […]

ZF2: Validating Form Collections

We’ve used Zend Frameworks very nifty Form Collection element in multiple applications to deal with forms where there may be one or more repeating fields.  For example, our custom contact list function allows users to add search groups and rows to those groups.  The Form Collection goodness made it eas(ier) […]