2023 Goals: July Check-In

Not as much done as I’d hoped this last quarter and with the recent major life changes (like new roomie/SO), I’ll probably have to revisit these goals all together, but for now, here’s the update! Financials These are goals revolving around anything related to my personal finances. Drainage loan balance […]

2023 Goals: April Check-In

Got a few goals completed, including a big one on piano, so new piano goals have been added for the next steps.  Not as much done as I wish, though, because the breakup hit harder than I thought and kicked up the depression a lot. Financials These are goals revolving […]

Starting the 2023 Goals

2022 ended with some major life changes, including the unexpected end to my thirteen-year relationship with my, now former, sweetie.  My beloved Yuki passed away, and Kumo joined the family.  While the foundation and bathroom were done last year and turned out awesome, it left me with a pile of […]

2022 Goals

Start of the year means new goals.  With the pandemic continuing to go on longer than I ever imagined, I’m trying to keep my goals a bit tamer to account for not being able to drive for at least three months (health issues), having another big house thing going on […]

2021 Goals, 2nd Quarter Update

Car is still on track to be paid in full, seven more payments to go!  And still haven’t hit 40,000 miles on her 😀   The drainage issue is in progress, but Texas weather hasn’t been cooperating with the company thanks to it continuing to randomly drop heavy rain.  As they […]