Summer’s ICEE Guide: Burger King

Burger King (or BK for short) is an iconic American fast-food chain with the typical menu of burgers, chicken goodies, hot dogs, and fries, as well as offerings such as chicken fries and onion rings.  Best of all, they are one of the only fast food chains I know of that serve ICEE alongside their regular fountain drinks.

Years ago, they called them “frozen coke” and “frozen cherry”. No idea why as it was clearly ICEE even then, maybe a licensing thing. Either way, they are now officially labelled as ICEE.

We have three Burger King locations in the BCS area.  I went to the College Station one to get the prices and pics ICEE info for this guide.  I haven’t been to the 29th street one in years.  Though I haven’t been to the HWY 21 location, from my understanding ICEE is now a standard offering in all their restaurants, so it should have them too (feel free to let me know if they don’t).


#16364, 3129 Texas Ave S, College Station (map)

#15997, 2901 E 29th St, Bryan (map)

#16567, 2208 State Hwy 21 E, Bryan (map)

Sizes & Costs

Burger King has all three sizes of ICEE, and while the prices are a bit higher than the norm, they are still within what I consider reasonable ranges.

Small $1.79
Medium $1.99
Large $2.19


Burger King has a two flavor machine that offers up Coke and Fanta Cherry.  As far as I’m aware, they never change these out.


I fully admit, I don’t get over to Burger King often, though with the loss of Rattlers it may soon become my new favorite ICEE haunt.  The one I got for the guide featured absolutely perfectly tuned Coke, so soft and fluffy!  The cherry was a little lower, but I think the machine had just come off the defrost cycle.

The Burger King I went to does not use the traditional ICEE cups or straws, instead you get their regular fountain drinks.  This means you do get the regular ICEE sizes, just without the lovely done.  Burger King’s regular drinking straws are similar in thickness to an ICEE straw so it doesn’t cause any issues there.