2017 Goal Check In: November Progress

A few more house goals done, including a few I hadn’t even listed (replacing kitchen faucet and fixing leaking tub faucet).  Also hit some fitness goals.  November was mostly a busy time, and December is looking to be one as well, so may be a struggle to get a few last ones done, but will keep trying!


Currently none! 🙂

Fitness and Health

  1. Weight down to 160 lbs. by end of year
  2. Walk up the stairs at least three times a week by December – totally failing on this these days 🙁
  3. Strength training goals, aiming to reach by December 31st: – hit my first two goals!
    1. 40 lbs total (bar or 2×20 lbs dumbells) for the bench exercises (currently incline shoulder press, and shoulder press)
    2. 50 lbs for lat pull downs
    3. 40 lbs for triceps push downs
    4. 30 lbs on seated row – DONE!
    5. 30 lbs for flyDONE!
    6. 30 lbs for reverse lateral
  4. Dental work: next two rounds of extractions
  5. Dental work: fillings until insurance runs out

Around the House

  1. Clean up/out home office closet (smaller one)
  2. De-weed and restore smaller front garden and replant
  3. Finish kitchen cabinet/counter project!
  4. Replace home office A/C
  5. Replace hot water heaterDONE! 
  6. Install new gas heaterDONE! 

Everything Else

  1. Play at least 5 console games – Four done! 
  2. Code new PHP importers for An Eclectic World
  3. Get two more pairs of shoes – one walking, one casual flip-flop/sandal
  4. Dogs grooming (either pay groomers or go to DIY grooming place)
  5. Get an album to store trip “paper memories” in
  6. Edit and post all pics from London – first batch finally done 🙂


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