New Tablet, Chibi Gin, Revealed

I finally decided on a tablet last week and went to pick it up Friday.  So which one did I finally decide on?

Saturday I picked up a Targus 3D case (mine looks slightly different, with a nice magnetic latch, so maybe an older version of this one, but I like the latch it came with) and a Logitech K480 keyboard for it.

The front when closed The back with slits to ensure the sound plays well. You can also the nice latch that keeps it closed.
Targus 3D Case Front and Back

Both were awesomely price matched by BestBuy so I didn’t have to deal with shipping.  Happy with both so far and with the new tablet.  The multitasking function will be useful, the keyboard is working very well, and OMG, retina looks so much better!  And it’s so fast and responsive versus the old one!

Happy overall with the purchase, but yeah…my credit card and my budget are still weeping…