Of Cars and Things

So, in random news, I am tentatively making plans to replace Luna (my 2003 Malibu; less than 74,000 miles) in maybe a year or so.

If I do so, it will be following the Suze Orman rule about not being any car you need more than a 3 year loan to get and my personal rule of not wanting a payment above $400 (preferably $350). I’d also aim to save at least $2,000 for a down payment and either trade in or sell Luna for $2,000 or so as well. With my credit, I should qualify for a 2-2.5% interest rate, which all together means I could afford a car of $15,000 or less.

With those ideas in mind, I’ve been casually checking out cars and happy to see the used car market has finally gotten sane again and prices are back down. Ideally I’d want something low miles, under 30k, 2014 or newer, one-owner, excellent condition, and certified used since I’d be aiming to keep it at least 10-15 years.

Mostly looking at Honda (Civic, Accord, or CR-V) and Ford Fusion (Hybrid would be awesome though would mean going out-of-town). Absolutely will not get another Chevy and if I’m buying another one, I will get something in blue (like I really want) or a maroon/dark red.  No silver/gray/black/white.

Now, I’ve kind of been wanting a Honda CR-V for the last few years, for the better space for carrying things and for my dogs without being ridiculously huge.  But to do that I’d need to save $5,000 down as they are currently in the $18-20k range. If I could save that much down, I’d be able to get something like this.


If I just do $2,000 down, though, I’m pretty much out of the CR-V market as well as being priced out of a Fusion Hybrid. A Honda Accord, which would be nice for the V6 engine, is also an unlikely option as I’m not seeing many any that meet my criteria that are in the $15k range, though I could probably get one if I went down to Houston.

Really, it seems like getting the cars I’m really wanting, I’m gonna have to save a bigger down payment.  Don’t get me wrong, Civics are nice too (though I hate the rear end height), but this will be car #3 for me and one I again want to last at least a decade.

Of course, right now our local Honda place has been pretty stripped because of graduation gift giving…so I may have better options when I’m actually ready to do this thing…if I fully commit to doing it.  For now, it’s just musings…ones also revolving around my preference to pay off the student loans first and my lack of confidence in Luna.

(Side note: progress on my personal site halted, again, due to having to do some overtime at work and an upcoming vacation…hence the lack of newer posts.  Do have some I need to get written and posted though…)