2016 Goal Check In: April Results

Financials remain on track, another goal cancelled, a little progress on some, and I added two new goals.  Also got going on one goal before I could even put it on the list: give my laptop an upgrade with a new SSD and max out the memory (parts ordered anyway), so not adding to the list.


  1. Pay off the $5,000 personal loan I took out to replace the flat roof – well on track 🙂
  2. Get mortgage balance below $85,000
  3. Get student loan balance below $20,000
  4. Keep Ting bill under $30/mth. – pretty much not happening due to weekly calls with my mom LOL, but at least managing to stay below $35…

Fitness and Health

  1. Reach target weight of 145 lbs. (weight on January 1st: 165.6) – Current Weight: 161.6 – down 4 lbs
  2. Do some form of physical activity, be it go to the rec, walk, or bike campus, at least twice a week – mostly doing, baring weather issues and being sick two weeks; so far almost all walks, between 1-3 miles
  3. Get a new swimsuit so have option to swim by this summer
  4. Work up to consistently walking up the stairs at work, where feasible (if carrying groceries, etc. can still take elevator)
  5. Do strength training with partner at least twice a week, weather/life permittingcancelled since it just isn’t going to happen with the changes in his schedule
  6. Bike ride at least once a week, weather/life permitting – so much rain lately…and being sick :-/

Around the House

  1. Update/replace locks on front and back door
  2. Replace or repair ripped up screen door
  3. Replace faucets in bathroom and add shut off valves (stretch: replace the sink with a decent, relatively inexpensive vanity)
  4. Paint bedroom
  5. Repair holes in fascia board and soffits
  6. Clean up/out home office closet (smaller one)
  7. Clean up/out built-ins in cat’s room – started; top and middle done, just need to do the bottom and the boxes beside it
  8. Get the final drawer back in the actual kitchen cabinet
  9. Weed front gardens and try to add new plants as finances permit – almost done! main bed done, just have to deal with the side bed 🙂
  10. Get another display cabinet for figurines and what not
  11. Repair or replace garage door opener
  12. Get caught up on filing of paperwork and shred old stuff – New!


  1. Complete at least one “project,” started or not, that’s sitting around the house (e.g. puzzle, design own painted pony, horse rug, model car kit, etc.)
  2. Play through at least 3 console games (Tales of Graces F won’t count for this purpose since it was primarily paid in 2015) – now playing Ni no Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch
  3. Finish at least one PC game of: Age of Empires II (by completing all campaigns), Age of Empires III (ditto), Baldur’s Gate, Dragon Age: Origins, or Railroad Tycoon II (complete all missions)
  4. Watch at least 40 DVDs from collection – 8 so far
  5. Cull DVD collection
  6. Recode An Eclectic World to PHP with proper admin – finally got started (along with an accompanying post series 🙂 )
  7. Evaluate possibility of switching to new hosting company – picked company, but waiting on buying plan due to the limited payment options…
  8. Get caught up on cataloging playbills – New!

Everything Else

  1. Replace dying work issued iPad with personal tablet – DONE!
  2. When hit target weight, give self a $200 budget to go clothes shopping and get rid of any remaining “fat” clothes
  3. Again look at, and hopefully take, Oracle Certified Professional, MySQL 5.6 Developer Certification exam
  4. Look at and potentially take Zend PHP 5.5 Certification exam