BarkBox Memory Foam Dog Bed: Nice, But “Large” Is Not Large At All

I wanted to get my 11-year-old border collie Yuki a nice orthopedic bed as she has been having joint issues of late and been very heavily dreaming (and kicking in her sleep), so I thought a nice bed might help with both issues. So I bought her two: a large 42″ MidWest Bolster Pet Bed for her crate and the BarkBox Memory Foam in large based on all the excellent reviews.

For the latter, I selected the “large” because the description said it was big enough for a german shepherd, and even show a border collie sleeping on it!

Suffice to say, that description is very wrong! This bed is WAY too small for my 50lb dog, and there is no way it could fit a German Shepherd, which would be almost twice her size! It’s probably a great bed for a smaller dog, 30 lbs maybe, or shorter, but I can’t really recommend it for any dog the size of a border collie or above. As you can see in the pics, the bed is WAY smaller than the other large bed I got, which perfectly fits her crate (the brown one) and how she falls off it when she lays on it. Since she can’t lay on it fully, she pretty much won’t lay on it at all unless commanded too, making it useless. I finally accepted it was just too small and returned it to Amazon.

The bed itself came in a nice compact box, similar to how many mattresses ship now, and it came up to full size as far as I could tell. It is one inch shorter than the description though when I compared the measurements. That said, the mattress itself seems like it would be comfortable and the memory foam for a dog that actually fits it.  The cover was easy to put on and presumably to remove and I was able to clean most hair off with a quick brushing.  All great features, for a bed that just needed to be bigger!

The bed did come with a free plush ball, described as a “pea”.  That, Yuki has absolutely loved and she now carries it around like a baby, lovingly licking it occasionally rather than chewing it to shreds like I presumed she’d do.  For us, it was the best thing about the bed, but certainly not worth the $40 price for the bed itself.

It also came with a little “pea” which is now Yuki’s baby

As a side note: Amazon rejected my review for this bed for reasons as yet unknown.  Said it violated community standards.  So I expanded a bit and rearranged it for this blog post (so the pictures fit in better).  I’ve reviewed on Amazon for nearly two decades and never had a review rejected before.  *grump*