2019 Goals: 4th Quarter Progress

While I did flip to posting quarterly progress updates, the goals themselves are still yearly goals, so with it being the end of the year, anything not done is a fail.  Wee!  I’m not going to mark all the fails as usual, though, since it would just clutter this post, rather I’ll just stick some notes beside them to briefly indicate the point of failure, and mark those that are done or, in one case, delayed.

I’ll do a proper summary update for the year later, but for now, here’s how I did in the final quarter of 2019 progress wise.


  1. Credit card balance below $6,000DONE! go it to exactly $6k, which I’ll call a win 🙂

Fitness and Health

  1. Strength training targetswe switched up our workout which made these undoable in this year
    1. 50 lbs total (bar or 2×25 lbs dumbbells) for dumbbell and shoulder press – current: 20 lbs
    2. 25 lbs for bent over one arm row – current: 20 lbs
    3. 40 lbs for upright row – current: 30 lbs
    4. 60 lbs for lat pulldowns – current: 50 lbs
    5. 45 lbs for triceps pulldown – current: 40 lbs
    6. 60 lbs for chest fly – current: 50 lbs
    7. 50 lbs for rear delta fly – current: 40 lbs
  2. Swimming targets – cut out swimming for the winter, making these undoable for this year
    1. 100m freestyle without having to pause at the wall
    2. 200m kick without having to pause at the wall
  3. Teeth replacementDELAYED, looks like I need some orthodontics first…
  4. Regular dental cleaningsDONE!
  5. Hit 5,000 steps each workday goalDONE!  Though I still miss the occasional day, for the most part, I hit at least 5k, sometimes 8k; not that I plan to stop doing it!
  6. Hit 5 flights of steps each workday goal – *sigh f*ing stairs… was doing okay for a while, then just stopped*

Around the House

  1. Clean out garden beds (again) – side one done, the main front one semi-done, back not done at all :-/
  2. Mow at least once a monthMOSTLY DONE! missed February, October, and November (though November didn’t really need it much at least)
  3. Finish backyard metal fence – finding the time and money…
  4. Paint kitchen trim – never picked a color…
  5. Replace mattress – budget just didn’t have the room

Everything Else

  1. At least one non-goal blog post a monthDONE! missed March and August; still, not bad and some months I did multiples so it balanced out!
  2. Watch one or more episodes from ten anime series – two more watched – honestly, not sure what happened here…
    1. Persona 5 the Animation
    2. Fruits Basket (2019 remake)
    3. Aggretsuko
    4. Kimi ni Todoke: From Me to You
    5. Spice & Wolf (via Blu-Ray)
  3. Read at least three hours a weekDONE! Pretty much read almost every night again, sometimes more than that 🙂
  4. Get back to using 10-5-10 timer (i.e. NaturallySlim timing) for most mealsDONE!  Other than when eating out with my sweetie or social stuff, for the most part, if I eat a meal I use the timer