2019 Goals: 1st Quarter Progress

I decided this year to switch from monthly goal updates to quarterly ones.  I’d done similar with another set of goals I have and found it pretty helpful, so let’s see how it goes here 🙂

The quarter started off with losing my big love machine, Blue, to rapid onset kidney failure.  Understandably, this had me fairly blah for a few weeks, where I filled some of the loneliness with building my Lego Ghostbusters set.  In the year up to her passing, Blue had high monthly medical costs, which was a major reason my budget was so derailed.  My last remaining girl, Yuki, was then also diagnosed with kidney disease, fortunately early stage, and kidney stones.  So she is now on a prescription food, but otherwise no medication at this point.

As such, I have about $400-600/month of my budget freed to go to debt repayment.  I was able to get a 0% balance transfer APR to help me tackle the credit card debt, which should help speed up the pay down quite a bit, versus the variable rate I had before.  So I’m slowly eating the balance down bit by bit.  I was also able to get the emergency fund back up, which was a bonus.

That said, here’s how I did January-March of 2019!


  1. Emergency fund back to $1,000DONE!
  2. Credit card balance below $6,000

Fitness and Health

  1. Strength training targets – aiming to go up in weights at the end of April
    1. 50 lbs total (bar or 2×25 lbs dumbbells) for dumbbell and shoulder press – current: 17.5 lbs
    2. 25 lbs for bent over one arm row – current: 17.5 lbs
    3. 60 lbs for lat pull downs – current: 45 lbs
    4. 45 lbs for triceps pulldown – current: 35 lbs
    5. 60 lbs for chest fly – current: 40 lbs
    6. 50 lbs for rear delta fly – current: 30 lbs
  2. Swimming targets
    1. 45 minutes, 1000 yards
    2. 60 minutes, 1200 yards
    3. 100m freestyle without having to pause at the wall
    4. 200m kick without having to pause at the wall
  3. Teeth replacement
  4. Regular dental cleanings
  5. Hit 5,000 steps each workday goal
  6. Hit 5 flights of steps each workday goal

Around the House

  1. Clean out garden beds (again)
  2. Replant side garden bed
  3. Mow at least once a month
  4. Finish backyard metal fence
  5. Paint kitchen trim

Everything Else

  1. At least one non-goal blog post a month
  2. Play at least 10 video games – Kingdom Hearts III done!
    1. What Remains of Edith Finch
    2. Tales of Vesperia
    3. Kingdom Hearts 3
  3. Watch one or more episodes from ten anime series
    1. Persona 5 the Animation
  4. Read at least three hours a week
  5. Assemble the Ghostbusters Firehouse Lego setDONE!  And it is awesome!
  6. Get a phone holder for the car
  7. Get portfolio albums for large pics
  8. Try at least six new recipes
  9. Do at least two crafty-type projects
  10. Get back to using 10-5-10 timer (i.e. NaturallySlim timing) for most meals