2018 Goals in Review

2018 ended up being a year of failure.  At least, that’s how it feels.  I didn’t get nearly as many goals accomplished as I would have liked, and in several areas I backslid, especially on the financials.

Financials: 2/7 Done

I started the year trying to be conservative, with just three financial goals.  I accomplished one immediately and added a new one in March.  When I did my revisit in July, I cancelled all three standing goals and tried for smaller ones.  Of those, I got one more done, so in all out of seven goals I accomplished two.

2018 started pretty well.   I was debt free other than the mortgage and able to buy a new to me car and things were on track financially.  Then Fusion and Blue had medical issues that greatly increased my monthly pet expenses.  I bought a new to me computer and had to repair my laptop.  I needed a new water heater.  Spent a bunch having my garden cleaned and reset, only to let it get overgrown again.  Bailed my dad out on his car insurance twice, and his phone a couple of times.  I had medical expenses.  $1,100 in business expenses.

As the year ends, my credit card debt peaked at just over $10,000 and it still sits as just over $9,300.  For the first time in years, I’m paying interest on my credit card debt.  I considered refinancing it to a lower cost personal loan, but the payments would still be about the same and it won’t fix the bleeding.  My paycheck has actually gone down thanks to contributing to a Flexible Spending Account to offload most of my medical expenses and the lack of any real raise in five years.

I did come close on the mortgage balance below $120,000, even with flipping to auto payments of the minimum amount, but the Roth IRA got nothing and the emergency fund is still sitting at just $500.

Fitness and Health: 6/18 Done

Continuing my trend of last year, I made more specific goals for my strength training and swimming targets, getting dental work done, and also trying to get back on the Naturally Slim principles.  I’d like to say I did awesome, but yeah, no.

There were several gaps in the exercise due to various issues, including illness and injuries between my partner and myself, changes in our schedules that caused us to have to start working out at night, and schedule conflicts.  Due to that, I only met one of the strength training goals.  I did meet two of my swimming targets, at least, and I got all the dental work done except the teeth replacement.  I also can at least say my strength training and swimming levels stayed at good levels.  I went up on strength training, I just didn’t go up fast enough to meet my current goals, and I am almost at swimming goal #2 (swimming 45 minutes, 1000 yards), so that is something.

While it wasn’t a specifically a goal, I bought a Fitbit and it’s helped me get better about moving regularly and going up stairs at work more often.  I also have gotten better about following the Naturally Slim principles, though I’m still not fully back on track so that goal is kind of mixed results.  I am eating slow and stopping when comfortably full, but not doing good with the timer still.

Around the House: 8/26 Done

As usual, lots in this category.  I started with twenty, added 3 in February and another 3 in April.  Of those, I got a few big ones done, including gluing down the kitchen counter to finish that project, replacing my grill, getting the gutters cleaned, and decluttering the house.  I also painted the kitchen, other than the trim, and remodeled the garage other than removing the utility room door.  Mowing was done monthly, other than November, though I admit I used a service during the hot months.

Biggest one accomplished was getting my Ethernet rewired.  I had my cable modem in the back of the house, with a ridiculously long cable running from it to the router along the ceiling, and then another 100′ or so Cat5 cable running from that along the ceiling to the home office for the desktop.  Now all that is gone and the modem and router are tucked in my dining room closet.  Four higher quality Cat6 cables run through the ceiling to my living room wall where two come out into the living room for the PS3 and PS4, and two more into the home office for my two desktops.  That also means my older desktop, which serves as my Plex server and long-term photo/video storage, is finally on a wired connection instead of wifi!  So yay!

Everything else was pretty much cancelled due to lack of funds to either buy supplies or pay for the work.

Everything Else: 14/18 Done

For my catch-all category, I started with ten goals, added one in February, five more in march, and then two in the July revisit.  This was probably where I had the most success, at least for the smaller goals.

  1. got two more pairs of shoes
  2. got three more pairs of non-elastic jeans (actually got five)
  3. got albums to store trip memories and photos in
  4. did non-goal blog posts every month except August
  5. repaired my laptop
  6. played at least 5 console games
  7. watched at least 10 anime series
  8. read at least three hours most week
  9. took (and failed) the PHP Certification Exam
  10. completed at least two Udacity courses
  11. got all my CD pictures moved to the computer and all negatives in an album
  12. cleaned up my MP3 tags
  13. got Hoppity repaired
  14. played at least 5 games from my backlog (the second video game goal)

As for the failures, I failed learning Japanese.  I keep trying, but my brain apparently just does not like learning languages *sigh*  I also did not make it through my Wilton Cake Decorating courses yet, though I started.  I did update An Eclectic World to PHP 7, but really it was upping it to Zend Framework 3, so I don’t feel like I learned PHP 7 yet.  I also cancelled scanning my negatives due to how many I have LOL