My Garage Remodel

One of my big goals for 2018 was to “renovate” my garage.  I’m not changing the walls, drastically, or anything like that, but basically cleaning it up, remodeling it for better storage and to give my Rogue more door room, and clean out all the crappy stuff that was in it.

Garage Remodel Project - Before

So this was the garage before, except that door lying on the ground was hung up on the entry to its little alcove room.  The wood shelf on the right didn’t have much room, and takes away space that I need for opening the Rogue’s door, since it is a little wider than my Malibu was.  Particularly for loading the dogs, I need to be able to open the doors wider to give them jumping room.  On the left side, as you can see, things are hung on nails or these weird spike things sticking out of the walls.  I used to hit the Malibu door on the ladder, and likewise with the Rogue.

The door on the right goes into the utility room, but its been jammed for years and is unusable.  It’s also silly and unneeded as there is already a door to the house that is more convenient.  Removing it and its step would free up more of the garage food print for storage.   And then there is the side room, which is both a storage/workshop area and where the circuit breaker is.  It’s also frequently been a nice little home for rats, so there is a lot of rat poo on the shelves.

Garage Remodel Project - Before

Phase one of my remodel job was removing the door and the small shelf off the backwall, and to give it a thorough cleaning.  Of course, since I was removing the old shelving, I also needed to implement new storage systems.  The first was a corner tool shelf that would enable me to get my tools off the wall and thus away from my car. 🙂   I also gave the garage floor a nice hosing down to clean it up.  The following weekend I removed the old wood shelf, which was seriously only sticking on the wall because a few years ago we’d added a brace to it – before then it was held by two nails!

With that gone, I assembled the first new shelf, a lovely Dewalt 3-shelf steel unit with a 1,500 lb per shelf storage capacity.  Fortunately, my progress with weight lifting showed for me as I was able to assemble it by myself, as well as remove and carry the old shelf to the curb.  During the process I also decluttered and tossed a bunch of stuff I was clearly never going to use.  The rest is now neatly stowed on the new shelf thanks to some large milk crates I’d bought for both this project and to have one in the car for toting groceries and stuff (the fourth goes in the car as needed for large shopping trips).

Garage Remodel Project - Phase 2

Garage Remodel Project - Phase 2     Garage Remodel Project - Phase 2

Phase 3 was tackling the room.  This phase got off to a rough start as my electric screwdriver just could not budge the screws!  Fortunately, my sweetie has an impact driver that I was able to borrow and it showed those screws who was boss.  A few had been screwed in so far that the bit couldn’t reach them, but I was able to get enough out to get the old shelves disassembled and carried to the curb where they belonged.  To replace that shelf, I again turned to Dewalt, this time their 72″ x 77″ steel shelf, that can hold a somewhat ridiculous 2,500 lbs per shelf.  It’s total overkill for my needs, but I wanted the size and I wanted sturdy enough to last a lifetime, so I went for it anyway. 😀

This one was trickier to assemble myself because its final height is taller than me, but I got most of it done except the very top shelf on my own.

Garage, Phase 3

My sweetie came later to help me out by getting the top shelf on.  I still need to load in the wood and my tarp (currently in front of the wheel barrel) on the shelves, but overall I’m pretty happy with how it’s turned out.  The last big task remaining closing off that door and removing the step, so I can then move the mower over there.  So far, the cost of my remodel has been pretty reasonable, since I did the bulk of the labor, and my sweetie works for kisses 🙂

Total so far: $428.62

I estimate closing off the door and getting rid of the step will be another $100 or so, not including needing to get the tow hitch installed on my Rogue so I can haul the lumber and drywall easier.  I was aiming for doing it for under $500 so pretty close to budget.

I look forward to sharing the final pictures later in the year, but for now, I hope you enjoyed this peek at my garage remodeling job. 🙂