Amnesia: Memories

I picked up Amnesia: Memories as it was a frequent entry on lists recommending good visual novel and otome games.  The description sounded pretty good, sounding similar to Cinderella Phenomenon which I loved, so when Amnesia went on sale, I picked it up.  The basic premise is that “you” the main character whose name you can decide, have lost your memories due to a collision with a being named Orion.  But he’ll help you get your memories back so you can be disconnected and you can get back on with your life.  You pick a world to start with and there are supposedly 20 different endings that you can end up with.

Unfortunately, thus far, I’m finding the game is nowhere near as good as Cinderella Phenomenon was.  I went with the Hearts world to start with, which has you pairing up with a man named Shin and it seems like you could also potentially end up with a different guy in the same world if you wanted.  But thus far, I haven’t been inclined to find out because the story is incredibly boring!  I got the impression that the character was NOT a dish pan/self-insert BS thing, and I suppose in some ways she isn’t as she isn’t anything at all!

After an hour and a half of playing, there have been four, maybe five dialog choices, and that represents the sum total of dialog that the main character has so far.  Most of it is Orion talking either for her or at her, with interjections from other characters happening now and then.  With Shin’s story, you have the question of whether Shin caused the accident that caused the version of Her to end up in the hospital in this world, or what he is keeping from her about that night.  You’d think that would at least be somewhat interesting and compelling, but it really isn’t.  All of the characters are bland, cookie-cutter, with Shin being the insulting “boyfriend” (sorry, but yeah, I’m not into verbal abuse), the chipper best friend, the big-brother alternative, and all of them with about as much personality as a rock.  Even the weird manager of the maid café where she works isn’t that interesting or weird.

The game does have lovely art work, with the characters well drawn and nicely detailed backgrounds and in the clothing the characters wear.  The voice acting is okay as well, and the music seemed to fit for the most part.  Still, this game is so not for me and I’m struggling to even finish the first route because it is just too dull.  I guess if you are okay with self-insert, absolutely bland heroines that you really don’t do much with, it might be an okay game, but as I like to actually play some, even with a visual novel, for me it really isn’t.  I’m just glad I didn’t pay the full $30 list price, because I’d be seriously pissed to have not gotten it on sale considering it will probably be a DNF title.