Three Rapid Fire Reviews

ASICS Women’s Gel-Kayano 23 in Black/Silver/Pink Glow

I decided to buy a pair of Kayano 23’s after seeing multiple sites mentioning them being great shoes for people with knee problems. I splurged on the gorgeous black version with the pink flowers, even though they were more expensive than the other colors.

For my first order, I ordered a size 7, my normal shoe size. While they did feel like they were offering great support, my toes were horribly squished and the shoes felt too small. I returned them and got a pair of 7.5s, presuming they would be perfect. But still, the toe area is very tight and it feels like my toes are going to shove through the top of the shoes!

I really wanted to like these shoes, they fit my taste perfectly and I really need good knee support, but will have to return them again. I decided not to try the size 8s as I figure at that point, they will be too long, even if it does fix the issue with the toe area. If you have very small toes, these might work, but would recommend going up at least half a size if you decide to try them.

Honeywell Series 3 Portable Wireless Doorbell

My old wired door bell was getting unreliable, to the point my poor sweetie ended up standing outside five minutes on a 20 degree day because it wasn’t ringing. After seeing what options there were, I decided to go with the Honeywell Series 3 as it had a nice range of bell sounds, looked easy to install, and was very reasonably priced. And indeed it was, it took me more time to decide where to place the inside unit than it did to actually get everything installed and set up!

I really like that it has a mix of more traditional sounds and fun sounds, the control buttons are large and easy to understand, and the button is nicely visible even at night. Despite the seeming small size of the box, the volume output is amazing. I don’t even have it on max volume, but I can hear the bell ring throughout my 2000 square foot house!

The light feature is a nice touch, and it seemed to work well but I ended up not using it as I have the receiver mounted on my kitchen wall, so it’s not visible most of the time when someone activates it.

Arkon Car Mount Phone Holder

I purchased this to secure my phone while driving, even before our city passed a hands-free ordinance. It was easy enough to install and set up on the dash of my old 2003 Malibu back in January 2016. It held my Moto G securely, allowing me to be more hands free with the phone and not having it sliding all over the seat if I needed to answer a call. It was also easy to clip the phone in place when I got in the car.

Unfortunately, it isn’t something that is apparently made to last. A few months ago, it started randomly shooting my phone from its grasp, resulting it in being flung into the passenger seat, the floor, and even at me. The first time, I thought I just hadn’t put it in securely, but its continued doing it and seemingly at random. Smooth roads, bumpy roads, short trip, long trip, who knows when the phone will attack!

Suffice to say, having your phone suddenly go flying is not conducive to safer driving or to a long phone life! That phone also rather hurts when it flies at your suddenly. So I’ve had to remove the Arkon phone holder from my car and will be looking for another option.

It did last just over a year, which for $18, isn’t horrible, but I think I’ll be looking for another brand on the next go ’round.