So What Did I Decide, Re the Blog?

In my post from last week I talked about the new site I'm working on and the need to blog on it.  I also mentioned that I really didn't want to do another blog since I already have three.  For those who may not have checked out my "Me Me Me" links, the other two are my personal blog, Eclectic Thoughts, which is hosted on LiveJournal and my Animania blog which is also run on Mango.

Having three blogs can be a bit of a challenge and I'm not always that good about keeping up with all three now.  Heck if you check out this blog's date archives, you'll quickly realize that for quite a while I rarely posted here.  Being completely honest, I think the only reason I'm more active with this blog is that I had the honor of being included in the ColdFusion Bloggers list which brought more traffic to the site AND you guys actually comment on my posts.  Knowing there are people reading my posts and actually thinking enough of them to respond is a great incentive to be more active!

While Animania actually gets decent traffic, I'm more neglectful of it because I never get any kind of feedback on my articles.  At most I get a comment every few months that's not spam or a request for links to scanslations or fansubs, and usually it's on my Sailor Moon episode list thanking me for it.  

To give you a quick idea of the difference, on Animania I have published 299 posts which have received 58 comments; here I've done 60 posts which have 101 comments.  Keep in mind, Animania was started in 2005, so it's four years older than this site!  So the difference in comments is kind of wild. And yes I know, some potential commenters are probably turned off by there being a captcha and comment moderation, but I have would think at this point most Internet users are used to it.

As for my personal blog, I don't have as many readers because it's a personal blog and you have to be a LiveJournal member on my friends list to see the majority of my entries.  I used to have about 40 readers there, but quite a few people seem to be moving away from the personal blog arena and have left the system.  So some months I only do my regularly scheduled posts, i.e. my goal and budget updates.

Anyway, despite the lack of comments on Animania, because it does have decent traffic one of my goals for this year is to do better about posting to it.  I had the same goal for this site but I've already blown my goal out of the water in terms of the minimum number of posts I wanted to reach this year LOL.  Animania I'm still behind on, but I have a plan for catching up with that.

And all of that is a rather lengthy way of explaining my final decision regarding my new site.  And that is to say screw the "requirement" I'm not doing another blog.  I just don't feel like I could give it proper attention and I don't want to.  I do however want to have some sort of regular content so I went with something I've mentioned in passing in the last article: a podcast.

Now you might be thinking "isn't that more work than a blog?"  But for me, not really.  I think I've mentioned before that I often use Dragon NaturallySpeaking to dictate my blog posts, though I don't use it as often with this site because I often do post at work when I'm experiencing whatever it is I'm blogging about.  You can usually tell when I've done a post from home however, because it ends up being longer like this one. 😉  But I mentioned that because I like to talk!

People who know me "in real life" may not believe that if they don't know me well, because if you don't know me well I generally don't talk to you.  But if I know you and I like you I will talk your ear off.  I lay out all my topics in advance, so the editing is mostly clipping out my pauses and my "ums".  All in all it takes me maybe 2 to 3 hours to do a single episode.

So doing a podcast is a natural way for me to be able to talk about topics of in a way lets more of my personality "shine through.  It will also give me a bit of a mental variation from writing blogging posts, while not interfering with my blogging goals for the site and Animania.  And to be honest, I've always wanted to do one.  I actually had one years ago but dropped it because I lost interest in the topic so it's kind of get back into doing it, especially now that people actually listen to them more thanks to iTunes and the like.