Friday Fun: My Start in K-Pop

Welcome to first installment of the new “Friday Fun” series! My goal with this is to post every Friday with something fun that isn’t web development, etc, as a way to kick off the weekend and maybe share a bit more of myself beyond coder and DB girl 🙂

I fully admit, I LOVE LOVE LOVE Psy’s Gangnam Style song and music video. He basically started me on my growing fondness for K-Pop, i.e. “Korean Popular Music”.

I’ve watched it so many times I’ve lost count and I have the MP3 on all my computers, in my MP3 player, and in my car. I have played it while driving home from work, singing along at the top of my lungs as best I can. Keep in mind, I’m a short woman with an accent that’s still predominantly Carolinian with a dash of Texan for flavor who can’t carry a tune in a bucket. I also know maybe 5 words of Korean, all learned from that song and a few others. So yeah, I butcher the heck out of it, but I don’t care, it makes me laugh.

Somewhere in my 20th or 30th viewing, I read the Wikipedia article on the song, which mentioned some of celebrities who join him in the video, including Hyuna, a well known K-Pop sensation in her own right. After watching the female version of Gangnam she did with Psy, “Oppa Is My Style“, the often helpful YouTube suggested videos led me to her hit “Ice Cream.”

Loved it!! This naturally led to me watching more of her videos, such as “Bubble Pop” and “Change” as well as those by the group she is in 4Minute, including “Volume Up”, “Why”, “Ready Go”, “I My Me Mine”, and “Mirror Mirror”.

Another group I’ve tried several songs from is 2NE1. They have haven’t hit my tastes quite as much as 4Minute did, but like their song “It Hurts” and I have replayed “Lonely” quite a few times.

Now you may be wondering, considering I don’t speak or understand Korean, why I enjoy these so much. I love the music itself. The melodies, etc are just great sounding. I generally try out a new song by watching the YouTube video. If I like the melody, tune, etc, enough to want to listen a few more times, I will usually Google the English translation just to get a deeper understanding of the piece – 99% of the time, I find the video has conveyed the core emotion/theme quite well. And, of course, I just think they are great performers (and yes, I have total body envy over the way some of them can move!)

I think music is one of those things that doesn’t always require perfect understanding of the words to enjoy. 🙂