ColdFusion Training: Session 2

This second session covers what was covered in Adobe's Intro Units 4 and 5. It was conducted on April 23, 2009 and took approximately 2 hours.

Table of Contents:

Part 4: Building Forms

  1. The Basics of Forms
  2. Form Controls
  3. Conditional Statements
    1. Compound Conditional Statements
  4. Evaluating Form Variables
  5. Coldfusion Forms

Part 5: Query-based Search Interfaces

  1. Dynamic Queries
    1. Preserving Form Data
    2. Complex Dynamic Queries
  2. Text Searching Basic
  3. Pattern Matching
  4. List Searches

Best Practices Reminders

Download the entire 22 page PDF

Ye ol' disclaimer: These sessions are not exact copies of the Adobe materials. I combined their units, removed all “homework”, the Dreamweaver dependencies, occasionally reordered the content order, rewrote large chunks, and added in my own materials where I felt necessary/relevant. As such, any errors here are likely mine. I did, however, retain some of their example images and some of their basic example code and queries.