Summer’s ICEE Guide: Creekside Market (TAMU)

White Creek Machine, February 2019

Creekside Market is one of the newest places to eat on the Texas A&M University Campus, and even rare, one on West Campus!  When Creekside Market opened, they noted they would have an ICEE machine, but I’d presumed the idea had been dropped when it hadn’t appeared.  But five months after opening, the ICEE machine has arrived!

Like some of the other campus stores, Creekside Market is generally closed when most food places on campus are closed (i.e. break times), but being part of the White Creek Community Center means it is also open on weekends and stays open for summer break.

There are a few visitor parking spots in lot 122B near the Community Center, but it is paid parking, making Creekside Market more a location for folks already on West Campus who don’t want to drive to get an ICEE fix.


667 West Campus Boulevard, Texas A&M University Campus, College Station (map)

Sizes & Costs

Creekside Market has a basic set up, with only one size available, but at a fairly standard price.

Medium $1.69


Aggie Express has a three-chamber machine.  Originally it had Pepsi, but on last check, they’d switched to proper Coke!  Plus they have Cherry and Blue Raspberry.


The machine is new so it is in good shape so far.  The cups are standard 24-ounce ICEE cups and they have started stocking ICEE straws too.  If they are out, though, they also have large straws available thanks to them having a milkshake machine and a Starbucks iced coffee machine.