2021 Goals, 2nd Quarter Update

Car is still on track to be paid in full, seven more payments to go!  And still haven’t hit 40,000 miles on her 😀   The drainage issue is in progress, but Texas weather hasn’t been cooperating with the company thanks to it continuing to randomly drop heavy rain.  As they must use a backhoe to do so the work, yard has to dry out first, then as soon as it does, we get more rain.  *ugh*

I did add one new goal after finally hitting the button on a lifelong dream: I haz a piano!  A lovely Alesis digital piano… now to learn to play it 😀


  1. Pay off my personal loan (car)
  2. No new credit card debt

Fitness and Health

  1. Consistently exercise 3 times a week – doing good the last few weeks, even swimming again!
  2. Get braces
  3. Find a new PCP and get a checkup
  4. Get bridge – area healed it needs to go, so just need to schedule it now

Around the House

  1. Get new plants in the main garden
  2. Replace gutter spout extension
  3. Mow lawn at least once a month
  4. Get foundation checked
  5. Deal with the leak under the house from tub pipe
  6. Rake up leaves around “deck”DONE! Though technically it was done because it was part the drainage company got done before their equipment started sinking LOL
  7. Declutter house
  8. Replace dead roses (two) – finally pulled them, but I think too late in the year to get some now until it cools some maybe?
  9. Get trailer hitch on Ruby Moon – got a quote… $1k…. *OUCH*  Still debating if I want to now or not
  10. Do at least one project: build shoe rack, build a new bookcase, close off garage door to the utility room, or replace bathroom sink
  11. Get an estimate on painting the house and repairing/replacing cedar shingles, as needed
  12. Fix the sidewalk so it at least isn’t sinking anymoreDONE!  It’s gone LOL (and being replaced)
  13. Repair/replace fence gates
  14. Get drainage issues address – in progress if the weather would freaking behave!
  15. Clean up library: deal with rugs, clean out the closet, declutter, clean the damn floor, and deal with shelving! – if the weather would cooperate, rugs would be handled….
  16. Price out costs of replacing TV for future planning (includes TV itself, TV cabinet, etc)

Everything Else

  1. Complete 20 video games – 8 done
  2. Read 100 books – 50 read so far, half way there!
  3. Update the ICEE guide
  4. Update front end of An Eclectic World to Bootstrap 4
  5. Replace worn-out clothes – shoes done!
  6. Do at least two web-development related blog posts
  7. Do at least twelve non-goal blog posts in general
  8. Get Elgato set up alreadyDONE!
  9. Get pictures off mom’s laptop and decide what to do with itDONE! now just need to actually do the sale listing
  10. Get caught up on picture editing and posting
  11. No more than 2 weeks between new pics taken and processed!
  12. See if can budget to replace laptop and/or monitor(s) this year
  13. Rebleach hair to deal with roots/new growthDONE!
  14. Learn to play new digital piano – NEW!