2020 Goals: 4th Quarter Finale

The Status Report and Goal Changes

Between the on-going pandemic and the mental health being all over the place… yeah, not a ton of progress since last quarter.  EXCEPT, the big financial is done and I haz a kitty!!!!  And those are the most important things! 😀

So let’s see how things ended… my goals for 2021 to come in a separate post.


  1. Credit card balance to $1,000DONE!
  2. Credit card paid in full!DONE!

Fitness and Health

  1. Get back on a standard sleep schedule – ended up all over with this because of med changes, so still a work in progress
  2. Get down to no more than one nap a weekDONE!
  3. Get down to no napping at all
  4. Strength Training goals:
    1. Increase weights on each weighted exercise to the next available weight – doing weights at home, these went down instead of up *sigh*
    2. Increase reps from 6 to 8 for new weights and 8 to 10 on familiar weights
  5. Walking goals: – aforementioned mental health plus a butt ton of overtime killed this 🙁
    1. 5,000 steps on workdays
    2. 5,000 steps on all days
    3. 7,000 steps on workdays
    4. 7,000 steps on all days
    5. 10,000 steps on workdays
  6. Down to 175 lbs or 38″ waist

Around the House

  1. Car washed at least once per month – only 4 months of the year… can’t even call this close.  Sorry Ruby Moon!
  2. Lawn mowed at least once per monthDONE! every month but November and this month, but it also didn’t need it either month, so calling this a win
  3. Big clean and declutter of every room in the house – uh…yeah… *slinks away*
    1. Hall
    2. Breakfast Nook
    3. Kitchen
    4. Home Office
    5. Living Room
    6. Dining Room
    7. Utility Room
    8. “Cat” Room
    9. Library

Everything Else

  1. Read at least 200 books – a surprisingly massive fail – my reading just plummetted this year when you’d think it would have gone way up; only 90 books read, though I did read way more novels than usual
  2. Update front end of An Eclectic World to Bootstrap 4 – started but not finished yet
  3. Finish at least 3 games from the backlog that have been on the log since before 2020 – I have completed THIRTY-FIVE games in 2020!  But since setting this goal, only two that I didn’t get in 2020…
    1. Celeste (August 2019)
    2. Amnesia: The Dark Descent (November 2017)
  4. Get a kitty!!!DONE!   Meet Smudge!