2020 Game Awards: What Have I Gotten Into?

My video game group is doing our own “game of the year” awards, in whatever categories we make up.  LOL  And since I’m behind in my gaming posts, I’m sharing my awards here, starting with the first one!

My first award goes to… Doom 64 for “What Have I Gotten Into?”

So in July, fellow member Blake came up with the phenomenal idea of our Team Reading event and kicked it off with Doom 64. I wanted to participate because it sounded like a fun event, I wanted to support the group, and I’ve been pushing myself to game outside my “comfort zone” more this year.

Still, I wasn’t sure about this whole Doom 64 thing. Doom was never really a series that interested me, I’d only really tried first-person shooters for the first time this year, and I admit, the graphics were kind of, um, dated…

Suffice to say, I ended up loving it! I thoroughly enjoyed the gameplay, the graphics grew on me, and I had lots of fun even if there were parts that were extremely frustrating.  I went through and collected pretty much everything, except the demon seals (so yeah, the final battle was HARD).  I seriously spent over 38 hours in that game, which normally clocks in at 8-12 hrs! 😲

As for why this is the “What Have I Gotten Into?” awards? I played Doom 64 on PS4.  And now that I’m more comfortable playing video games on my PC and I want to be able to try some of the mods… I now have Final Doom, Doom II, Doom 3, and Doom 64, plus Ultimate Doom and the master levels, and yeah… 😅

I don’t have my screenies anymore, but you can watch my entire playthrough on YouTube, including my restarting LOL 🙂