2020 Game Awards: Best Mid-Length Game

This time looking at what I’m calling mid-length games. And since I’m the one making up this label, it covers games that took me between 4 and 15 hours to play, yeah!
Altogether, 10 of the games I played this year fit this segment.

Narrowing those down the nominees are!

  • Little Nightmares
  • The Cat Lady
  • Mutazione
  • Ori and the Blind Forest
  • Unravel

And the winner is…


The Cat Lady!

This one was a hard choice! Ori was awesome, even if the boss areas were rage-inducing as hell. Little Nightmares definitely was memorable and managed to tell a terrifying story without a word, living up to its name, but it had some gameplay issues that were also memorable.

The Cat Lady had to take the top spot though because it is just insanely memorable, telling an amazing story in a unique style with its tale of Susan Ashworth’s struggle with crippling depression and the aftermath of hitting a crisis point and her meeting and growing relationship with the young woman who saved her. Oh, and Susan is also searching for some terrifyingly evil serial killers to remove them from the world in graphic fashion.

There is just so much about this game that makes it worth an award. The art, the story, the characters, the way sound and color are used, just… and the gameplay fits well with the story without getting in the way!

I will admit, the content can be triggering, but for someone who has lived with depression literally all my life, it is also one of the few games that captured it so well without feeling like it was being overly prescriptive (some games that tackle it get a little too into “it’s like this for everyone” versus being clear it’s different for everyone).

You can read more on the game in my earlier post.  I also did stream my first four hours of playing the game, if you want to see it in action.