2020 Goals: 3rd Quarter Update

The Status Report and Goal Changes

During the month, I made a big refocus to beat that credit card down because 1 – at the rate I was going, the credit card would be finished around the same time as my car loan, despite the car loan having more than twice the balance (WTF?) and dammit, I WANT A KITTY!  So, as part of that, I’m putting off the braces until 2021.  The money I had put aside for it went to the credit card as did the monthly payments I had set up in my budget for it.   I also scrounged more money out of my budget and threw that at the card.  Reduced my monthly FSA by half with the new fiscal year as well, and I’ve postponed some other money-draining goals.   My goal is to make the final payment in December, and I am on track for that despite having a few fiscal issues pop up, like the home office AC finally making me replace it now LOL.

I was tempted to cancel my Rec membership and not renew my locker, because who knows when we’ll get back to working at the office, but for now, I’ve kept them (partially because it’s just too much hassle to cancel).  Right now, all my exercising is done at home.  I have a small weight set and do aerobics via YouTube or bike on nice days.


  1. Credit card balance to $4,000DONE!
  2. Credit card balance to $3,000DONE!
  3. Credit card balance to $2,000NEW! and DONE!
  4. Credit card balance to $1,000 – NEW!
  5. Credit card paid in full! – NEW!

Fitness and Health

  1. Get bracesdelayed till 2021
  2. Get back on a standard sleep schedule – dropped the times and am all over with this because of med changes
  3. Get down to no more than one nap a week – ugh…
  4. Get down to no napping at all
  5. Strength Training goals:
    1. Increase weights on each weighted exercise to next available weight
    2. Increase reps from 6 to 8 for new weights and 8 to 10 on familiar weights
  6. Walking goals:
    1. 5,000 steps on workdays – now failing miserably because the heat was a convenient excuse not to walk outside
    2. 5,000 steps on all days
    3. 7,000 steps on workdays
    4. 7,000 steps on all days
    5. 10,000 steps on workdays
  7. Down to 175 lbs or 38″ waist – was making good progress, but the newest med literally made me gain 5 lbs in like 2 days and so far I cannot get it back off  *ARGH*

Around the House

  1. Car washed at least once per month
  2. Lawn mowed at least once per month
  3. Replant main garden beddelayed till 2021
  4. Mulch both front garden bedsdelayed till 2021
  5. Plant at least one tree in the yarddelayed till 2021
  6. Big clean and declutter of every room in the house
    1. Bedroom – DONE!
    2. Bathroom – DONE!
    3. Hall
    4. Breakfast Nook
    5. Kitchen
    6. Home Office – the most daunting…
    7. Living Room
    8. Dining Room
    9. Utility Room
    10. “Cat” Room
    11. Library

Everything Else

  1. Read at least 200 books
  2. Update front end of An Eclectic World to Bootstrap 4
  3. Finish at least 3 games from the backlog that have been on the log since before 2020 – NEW!
    1. Celeste (August 2019)
    2. Amnesia: The Dark Descent (November 2017)
  4. Get a kitty!!! – NEW! (technically may not happen till January but throwing it in there anyway!)