2020 Goals: 2nd Quarter Update

The Status Report and Goal Changes

Ruby Moon now has lovely new tires, yay! I had apparently forgotten to put that in the actual goal list despite mentioning it last time, so added it and marked it off LOL

Obviously, with the long stint of working from home (still going, and probably through at least August) and things shut down due to COVID-19, a lot of my fitness goals have necessarily been canceled/changed since I can’t do them right now.  I did, however, get to biking a LOT more and I’m way better at it than I used to be, as in I can now do a nice 8-10 mile ride versus being done after just 1-2 miles, though that is also now on hold because it’s just nasty hot even in the morning.  Bleh.  So I marked the ones canceled due to the pandemic a little differently than my usual ones because I’m not giving myself crap for not meeting them.

I have a lot of thoughts/decisions going on with the finances and braces, but for now, leaving them as is until I make some decisions.


  1. Credit card balance to $4,000
  2. Credit card balance to $3,000
  3. Save for and replace car tiresNEW and DONE!

Fitness and Health

  1. Get orthodontics and use as instructed – may get delayed…still debating
  2. Consistently take stairs once a day at work CANCELLED due to COVID
  3. Consistently take stairs twice a day at work CANCELLED due to COVID
  4. Get back on sleep schedule: bed no earlier than stated time, up at 6 am – updated to more generic bedtime since it moves a bit if I actually do better
  5. Get down to no more than one nap a week – ugh…
  6. Get down to no napping at all
  7. Strength Training goals:
    1. Plank to 20 seconds CANCELLED due to COVID
    2. Plank to 25 seconds CANCELLED due to COVID
    3. Plank to 30 seconds CANCELLED due to COVID
    4. Increase weights on each weighted exercise to next available weight
    5. Increase reps from 6 to 8 for new weights and 8 to 10 on familiar weights – bought weights so should be able to do this once they arrive
  8. Swimming goals: CANCELLED due to COVID
    1. Do a 75-yard set at least 3 times, not on the same day, without having to stop to rest
    2. Do a 75-yard set at least 3 times in one swim session
    3. 100 yards at least 3 times, not on the same day, without having to stop to rest
    4. Do a 100-yard set at least 3 times in one swim session
  9. Walking goals: – keeping for now, as may be able to still do once back to work and was doing when it didn’t get too hot
    1. 5,000 steps on workdays
    2. 5,000 steps on all days
    3. 7,000 steps on workdays
    4. 7,000 steps on all days
    5. 10,000 steps on workdays
  10. Down to 175 lbs or 38″ waist – first mini goal met which was to get down to 186.2, actually down to 184!!!

Around the House

  1. Car washed at least once per month
  2. Lawn mowed at least once per month
  3. Replant main garden bed – will have to wait till it cools down now, along with the two below
  4. Mulch both front garden beds
  5. Plant at least one tree in the yard
  6. Big clean and declutter of every room in the house – NEW
    1. Bedroom – DONE!
    2. Bathroom
    3. Hall
    4. Breakfast Nook
    5. Kitchen
    6. Home Office – the most daunting…
    7. Living Room
    8. Dining Room
    9. Utility Room
    10. “Cat” Room
    11. Library

Everything Else

  1. Do at least two web-development related blog posts – DONE!
    1. Diving into Abstract Classes
    2. Allowing User To Editing Text of Select Option in Select2
  2. Do at least twelve non-goal blog posts in generalDONE!
    1. Decade in Review: Ten Years of Gaming
    2. Lost Ember
    3. Oxenfree
    4. Top Six Games Played in 2019
    5. Assassin’s Creed Revelations
    6. Uncharted: Drakes Fortune
    7. Uncharted 2, 3, 4
    8. BioShock: My “First” FPS?
    9. BioShock 2
    10. BioShock Infinite
    11. Take Me Home by J. H. Croix
    12. Yakuza 3
  3. Read at least 200 books
  4. Try at least ten new recipes – DONE!
    1. About a dozen Every Plate Meals (not counting individually for this purpose)
    2. Chickpea Curry with Basmati Rice and Naan (from Home Chef Recipe)
    3. Vegetarian Chili with Tofu (own creation; was good)
    4. Mushroom Vegetable Pot Pie (also own creation; also quite good)
    5. French Vanilla Ice Cream (I think Simply Recipe’s, but wasn’t as good as my usual)
    6. Triple Chocolate Butterscotch Banana Bread (based on King Arthur’s recipe builder)
    7. Moscato Ice Cream (own creation; the first iteration was a fail)
    8. The Vanilla Bean Cinnamon Rolls
    9. Alton Brown’s Chocolate Ice Cream
    10. Black Cherry Ice Cream (own creation; pretty darn tasty, but needs a few tweaks)
  5. Try again to learn Japanese, starting with WaniKani and/or LingoDeerCANCELLED because yeah…
  6. Update front end of An Eclectic World to Bootstrap 4
  7. Find a new hairstylist and get my hair cut and coloredDONE!  Except did it at home which was cheaper and fun 😀