2020 Goals

Weee, time to decide on goals!  And boy oh boy was it HARD!  I spent three weeks working on these this year, revising, reconsidering, revising again.   Partially it’s from lots of uncertainty on some areas, especially the financial situation, what we’re doing exercise-wise, and what the effects of some medical stuff this year will be.  And partially it was from struggling with making goals that are measurable and doable.  Some ideas I had regarding cutting carbs I found difficult to picture how I’d track, so I had to keep mulling them over and eventually dropped them, for now.

Broadly, I tried to stick with things I felt were feasible.  Goals you know you just aren’t going to do are not just pointless, but can actually have the opposite effect because they start causing negativity and feeling defeated or overwhelmed and then you start giving up on all of them.  So I’m trying to avoid that issue.  That said, this year I have a lot of fitness and health goals, always a problematic area and one I’m really aiming to do better at this year.

As usual, some are “chained” (meaning finishing one leads to the next) and, as always, they are grouped by general life area.


These are goals revolving around anything related to my personal finances and debts.  This year, it’s really just one big goal – get that CC debt gone to free up that money for other uses!  The last one I was torn between putting it here and in Everything else, but it’s really a financial goal, so here it goes

  1. Credit card balance to $5,000 – currently at $6,000
  2. Credit card balance to $4,000
  3. Credit card balance to $3,000
  4. Credit card balance to $2,000
  5. Credit card balance to $1,000
  6. Credit card paid in full!
  7. Budget for and acquire Canon T7i camera

Fitness and Health

Anything related to exercise, weight loss, general fitness, and being a healthier me 🙂  This year I have two major medical things to deal with, one dental and one mental (I made a rhyme), then everything else is mostly fitness and health focused, so I have a lot more goals around different activities to do.  I am trying having one weight loss goal again, but this time with an alternative measurement goal as well.  For the swim goals, I didn’t add any goals for workout length or time because I’m not sure what my partner has planned for us when we get back to swimming this summer yet.

  1. Get orthodontics and use as instructed
  2. Do TMS consultation and sessions
  3. Consistently take stairs once a day at work
  4. Consistently take stairs twice a day at work
  5. Get back on sleep schedule: bed at midnight, up at 6 am
  6. Get down to no more than one nap a week
  7. Get down to no napping at all
  8. Strength Training goals:
    1. Plank to 20 seconds – currently at 15 seconds
    2. Plank to 25 seconds
    3. Plank to 30 seconds
    4. Increase weights on each weighted exercise to next available weight
    5. Increase reps from 6 to 8 for new weights, 8 to 10 for warm-ups, and 8 to 12 on familiar weights
  9. Swimming goals:
    1. Do a 75-yard set at least 3 times, not on the same day, without having to stop to rest
    2. Do a 75-yard set at least 3 times in one swim session
    3. 100 yards at least 3 times, not on the same day, without having to stop to rest
    4. Do a 100-yard set at least 3 times in one swim session
  10. Walking goals:
    1. 5,000 steps on workdays
    2. 5,000 steps on all days
    3. 7,000 steps on workdays
    4. 7,000 steps on all days
    5. 10,000 steps on workdays
  11. Down to 175 lbs or 38″ waist – currently 194.4 and 40.5 respectively

Around the House

With financials so tight, planning for any big projects is pretty difficult this year, so I’m mostly aiming for a few smaller things and general upkeep stuff.

  1. Car washed at least once per month
  2. Lawn mowed at least once per month
  3. Replant main garden bed
  4. Mulch both front garden beds
  5. Plant at least one tree in the yard
  6. New towels and washcloths
  7. Replace mattress
  8. Replace Gin’s UPS
  9. Replace iPad’s folio case
  10. Get a tripod for phone for doing videos

Everything Else

This segment includes goals for pretty much anything else that doesn’t fit in the other big categories but aren’t numerous or related enough to have their own. This includes hobby stuff, professional development, and the like.

  1. Do at least two web-development related blog posts
  2. Do at least twelve non-goal blog posts in general
  3. Reorganize blog categories and tags to better reflect more expanded content
  4. Play at least 10 video games
  5. Read at least 200 books
  6. Try at least ten new recipes
  7. Try again to learn Japanese, starting with WaniKani and/or LingoDeer
  8. Update front end of An Eclectic World to Bootstrap 4
  9. Find a new hairstylist and get my hair cut and colored
  10. Consider trying the PHP certification exam again