I am SO behind on posting about the games I’ve played lately!  @_@  Suffice to say, a bunch of posts to come this week, along with an actual coding post!

First up, INSIDE!  I started playing inside on September 13th, finished on September 17th.  Much like Playdead’s other game, LIMBO, INSIDE is a 2D puzzle platformer in which you navigate a young boy through a haunting, confusing landscape.

Again, like LIMBO, INSIDE has absolutely no dialog or story text. You pretty much have to infer what’s going on just from what you see and experience as you play. It leaves it very open to interpretation, though at the same time can be a bit frustrating if you’re like me and prefer at least some guidance on what the story is.

In terms of gameplay, again both games are very similar: you can move side to side, jump, and hold the right CTRL key to grab a few items that can then be moved side to side or up/down depending on the item. This is customizable, which is good as I changed mine to the left CTRL for easier play two-handed 😉

While it’s billed as a puzzle-platformer, mostly it’s a series of puzzles that just happens to have you running between them. Many involve figuring out how to get passed an obstacle or enemy, a few more complicated ones have you going through a lot of steps towards the final goal of letting you move on.  While it is linear, there are areas where you may have to backtrack or move up and down for a bit to open the path to the right.

Despite the lack of “here is the story”, I was still immersed in the game and obviously played through it fairly quickly.  It was able to hold my attention and it was fun and challenging enough without being just plain frustrating, other than the absolute lack of any instructions.  It is a relatively short game, about 6 hours if you don’t spend too much time trying to find the hidden special items (collecting all of which will unlike a second ending).

There are a few bits that are mildly disturbing (the pigs, OMG the pigs), including some of the ending.  There are a lot of ways to die in the game and you will likely die a lot playing it, including a few more gruesome ways.  The story is…hard to explain without spoiling too much.  It is thought-provoking but also confusing due to the lack of basic narration that would help guide the player towards the point.

I would say, if you liked LIMBO, you’ll likely like INSIDE.  And unlike LIMBO, no giant creepy spider 😀

I streamed most of my playing via my Twitch stream, and those videos are available on my YouTube now: