2018 Goals: Progress Made in October & November

I apparently forgot to update my goals for October’s progress, so this is a double update 🙂  Several of the “do once a  month” goals are now finished, and making progress on two other big goals, so yay!


  1. Credit card balance below $6,000so not happening 🙁
  2. Emergency fund back to $1,000ditto

Fitness and Health

  1. Strength training targets
    1. 30 lbs dumbbells for the bench exercises
    2. 50 lbs for lat pull downs
    3. 50 lbs for triceps push downs
    4. 60 lbs on seated row
    5. 40 lbs for leg extension
    6. 40 lbs for lying leg curl
    7. 60 lbs for fly
    8. 40 lbs for reverse lateral
  2. Swimming targets
    1. 45 minutes, 1000 yards
    2. 100 yard freestyle without having to pause
    3. 200 yard kick without having to pause
  3. Dental work
    1. Teeth replacement
  4. Get back to following Naturally Slim principles

Around the House

  1. Mow once a monthDONE! Only missed November
  2. Finish metal fence
  3. Redo networking so both desktops are hard-wired, along with TV, PS4, and maybe PS3 – in progress!
  4. Paint kitchen
  5. Garage remodel

Everything Else

  1. Non-goal blog post at least once a monthDONE! Only missed August!
  2. Learning Japanese – turning out to be much more difficult than I imagined
    1. Finish Human Japanese Beginner
    2. Finish Human Japanese Intermediate
  3. Read at least three hours a week
  4. Take either the Zend Framework or PHP Certification exam – happening tomorrow!
  5. Go through Wilton Cake Decorating courses
  6. Learn PHP 7 – did my first PHP 7 app, recoding An Eclectic World