Fusion, 2000-2018

Eighteen years ago, I wanted a dog. I really wanted a dog to start my new life in Texas. But I was considering a cat first, because they were “cheaper” to care for and I had grown up with my mom having both at her house.

Still, I really wanted a dog, so as I walked the cat room at what was then Brazos Animal Shelter, I was barely glancing at the cages, dismissing their occupants for the most mundane of reasons. My heart wasn’t really in the search, because I was determined I wanted a dog.

Then as I stood near one cage while my then boyfriend (asshole) was walking around, it happened. A slim black paw reached out from the bars and laid itself on my shoulder. I looked at the six-month old black kitten looking at me as if she were certain I was hers…and I knew she was right. This was my cat and I was the human she’d been waiting for.

Though she drove me to cuss at times, and we called each other some nasty names at others, I’ve never regretted taking her home. We’ve spent eighteen wonderful years together, through pain and laughter, two moves, ups and downs, and a lot of love.

Tonight, I gave her one last gift of love, and set her free from her pain. Fusion passed away at home approximately 6:45 pm, with my sweetie and I at her side. I’m grateful my vet provides an at home option, so she could be where she was happiest as she slipped away.

Words can’t really express the emptiness in the house, the way her presence missing is palpable, nor can they really express the pain of her loss in my heart. She was a good kitty, the best kitty, and she will be missed.