2018 Goals: Progress Made in March

All around, a good solid month of productivity!  I finished several goals and made my first strength training goal!  Woo hoo!  I’ve added a few new goals, some related to the big goal this year of cleaning up and reorganizing, a few to get finances back in hand, and a new strength training goal to step up from the completed one.


  1. Contribute $2,000 to my Roth IRA
  2. Mortgage balance under $120,000
  3. Credit Card paid in full – NEW!  Currently at around $5,000, UGH

Fitness and Health

  1. Strength training targets
    1. 30 lbs dumbbells for the bench exercises
    2. 50 lbs for lat pull downs – DONE!
    3. 50 lbs for triceps push downs
    4. 60 lbs on seated row
    5. 40 lbs for leg extension
    6. 40 lbs for lying leg curl
    7. 60 lbs for fly
    8. 40 lbs for reverse lateral
    9. 70 lbs for lat pull downs! – NEW! Because I met the last one 🙂
  2. Swimming targets
    1. 30 minutes, 800 yards
    2. 45 minutes, 1000 yards
    3. 50m freestyle without having to pause at the wall
    4. 100m freestyle without having to pause
    5. 200m kick without having to pause
  3. Dental work
    1. Second round of extractions – DONE!
    2. Fillings (three rounds)
    3. Deep cleaning
    4. Cleaning
    5. Teeth replacement
  4. Get back to following Naturally Slim principles

Around the House

  1. Glue down kitchen counter on new cabinetsDONE! I was actually able to lift it myself!  **SQUEE**
  2. Get a new grill – getting this one in a few days! 😀
  3. Insulate attic
  4. Get an estimate on converting living room grate to trap door
  5. Mow once a month – with all the rain in February, actually needed it for the first time this year this month, and it was done
  6. Clean gutters
  7. Declutter/straighten every room in the house, acquiring whatever organizational stuff is required for said goal – though not really part of decluttering, I’m including any room painting in their respective rooms to keep things neat
    1. Home office – just a little refiling left to go along with tossing some empty boxes, plus painting
    2. Living room
    3. Dining room
    4. Kitchen – will also be painting here
    5. Breakfast Nook
    6. Bathroom
    7. Master Bedroom
    8. “Cat room”
    9. Library
    10. Utility Room
    11. Garage – working on plans 🙂
  8. Replace master bedroom mattress and box spring
  9. Finish metal fence
  10. Add switch and redo networking so both desktops are hard-wired, along with TV, PS4, and maybe PS3
  11. Build shoe rack – NEW!

Everything Else

  1. Get an album to store trip “paper memories” inDONE!
  2. Non-goal blog post at least once a month
  3. Learning Japanese
    1. Finish Human Japanese Beginner
    2. Finish Human Japanese Intermediate
  4. Buy new laptop
  5. Play at least 5 console games – lost my 80+ hour save on Kingdom Hearts II  😡 so now on the first new game, Crash Bandicoot: N. Sane Trilogy
  6. Watch one or more episodes from ten anime series – Halfway there!
    1. Cardcaptor Sakura: Clear Card
    2. A Place Further Than the Universe
    3. How to Keep a Mummy
    4. The Heroic Legend of Arslan
    5. Yona of the Dawn
  7. Watch the Harry Potter movies – 1st one done!
  8. Read at least three hours a week
  9. Take either the Zend Framework or PHP Certification exam
  10. Complete at least two Udacity courses related to web work – started Intro to JavaScript; and yes, I know I know JS, but thought a basic refresher was a good way to try their courses and I have picked up some things I didn’t know 🙂
  11. Get all pictures currently on CD moved to comp; get all negatives in sleeve album – NEW!
  12. Get all negatives scanned and digitized as well – NEW!
  13. Clean up my MP3 tags – NEW!
  14. Get my stuffed bunny Hoppity repaired – NEW!
  15. Go through Wilton Cake Decorating courses – NEW!