2017 Goal Check In: September Progress

Last month I was able to refinance my house.  In doing so, I was able to blow away all of my debts, sans mortgage (of course).  It did basically “reset” me in terms of my mortgage, but only to what it was when I refinanced it last time.  But the benefits out weight the minor set back there, including my having more money per month to use to actually fix crap in my house!  So yay!  As such…LOTS of new goals 😀

I also really need to get to doing more blog posts here beyond just the goal updates.  Big project is done, so hopefully can get back to posting about the code! 🙂


  1. Mortgage balance below $80,000“FAILED” due to refi 🙂
  2. Emergency fund back up to $1,000DONE
  3. Pay off student loansNEW AND DONE
  4. Pay off roof loanNEW AND DONE
  5. Pay off Discover CardNEW AND DONE!

Fitness and Health

  1. Weight down to 160 lbs. by end of year
  2. Consistently do some form of physical activity at least three times a week at lunch time by October
  3. Walk up the stairs at least three times a week by October
  4. Strength training goals, aiming to reach by December 31st (these are based on the current exercise set my partner and I do; we aim to go up in weight every 2-3 weeks):
    1. 40 lbs total (bar or 2×20 lbs dumbells) for the bench exercises (currently bench press, incline shoulder press, and shoulder press) – NEW! currently at 25 lbs total (2×12.5)
    2. 50 lbs for lat pull downs – NEW! currently at 30 lbs
    3. 40 lbs for triceps push downs – NEW! currently at 20 lbs
    4. 30 lbs on seated row – NEW! currently at 10 lbs
  5. Dental work: next two rounds of extractions – NEW!
  6. Dental work: fillings until insurance runs out – NEW!
  7. Get another six months of contact lenses – NEW!

Around the House

  1. Clean up/out home office closet (smaller one)
  2. De-weed and restore smaller front garden and replant
  3. Finish kitchen cabinet/counter project!
  4. Get estimate on electrical box update and wiring updates – NEW!
  5. Replace home office A/C – NEW!
  6. Replace hot water heater – NEW!
  7. Figure out cost of replacing gas heater and decide if doing this year – NEW!

Everything Else

  1. Play at least 5 console games – Four done! 
  2. Code new PHP importers for An Eclectic World
  3. Get two more pairs of shoes – one walking, one casual flip-flop/sandal – NEW!
  4. Replace jacket lost on trip – NEW!
  5. Dogs grooming (either pay groomers or go to DIY grooming place) – NEW!
  6. Get an album to store trip “paper memories” in – NEW!
  7. Edit and post all pics from London – NEW!


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  • Done!
  • Failed/Cancelled
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