2017 Goal Check In: January Progress

Big financial goals and the biggest of the house tasks are now done!  Also knocked off a few smaller ones and made some nice progress on others.  A good, if expensive, start to the year.

I’m experimenting with using Habitica, a gamification app, to help me track some of my goals along with some other things I need to do better about doing.


  1. Mortgage balance below $80,000
  2. Student loan balance below $15,000
  3. Student loan group 06/07 (oldest loans) paid in full
  4. Additional $1,500 added to Roth IRA
  5. Study personal loan options for paying for roof replacement and other repairs; get best rate possible and length to optimal balance between paying as fast as possible and obtaining other goalsDONE!
  6. Take own personal loan for roof replacement and other repairs; update budget as need for paymentsDONE! It’s a 5 year loan, so not adding its payoff to the goals anytime soon

Fitness and Health

  1. Weight down to 160 lbs. (weight on January 1st: 172 lbs.) by June – currently at 176….not going in the right direction…two words: stress eating :-/
  2. Weight down to 150 lbs. by end of year
  3. Do some form of physical activity, be it weight training, swimming, walking, or biking, at least twice a week at lunch time by March – one of my Habitica habits is aiming to do 5 minute walks regularly….so far doing at least once or twice a week, generally about a mile
  4. Consistently do some form of physical activity at least twice a week at lunch time by July
  5. Consistently do some form of physical activity at least three times a week at lunch time by October
  6. Walk up the stairs at work at least once a week by March – mostly on target so far, Habitica is helping
  7. Walk up the stairs at work at least twice a week by July
  8. Walk up the stairs at least three times a week by October

Around the House

  1. Replace or repair ripped up back door’s screen doorDONE!
  2. Replace mini-blinds in master bedroom
  3. Replace main roof, main house’s fascia, and any soffits, as neededDONE!  Also had gutters put on
  4. Replace ceiling in home office damaged by leaks; replace or repair additional leak damage as recommendedDONE!
  5. Have attic fan removed from attic, if possible and not hideously expensiveDONE!
  6. Have all old insulation removed from attic – apparently not something companies do anymore, so having to figure out how to do myself
  7. Upgrade electrical panel from 100 to 200 amp and have wiring fixed in bedrooms and living rooms, as well as AC in living room upgraded to 220 plug – pending quote and how much is left of loan after roof stuff
  8. Replace living room and home office air conditioning units
  9. Replace insulation in attic
  10. Clean up/out home office closet (smaller one)
  11. De-weed and restore smaller front garden and replant
  12. Fix larger fence gate so opens again (has root stuck under door) – partially done by roofers 🙂
  13. Get backyard mowed back to sane levels again

Everything Else

  1. Finish the recode of An Eclectic World and get off old host by March
  2. Play at least 5 console games – finished Tales of Zestiria from last year, but won’t count it for this list; started Kingdom Hearts 1.5 Remix
  3. Acquire a new band ring to wear to replace one I used to wear
  4. Get planned memorial necklace made, if/when ashes arrive… – ashes arrived, deciding design
  5. Get Yuki’s teeth cleaned and her back on heartworm preventative by February
  6. Redo ICEE guide as pages instead of posts and update to use galleries for ones covering multiple locationsDONE!
  7. Replace both data drives in desktop computer, probably 750 GB or 1 TB drives – DONE!


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  • Setback
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  • Done!
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