ICEE Guide Updates

I haven’t forgotten my ICEE guide, despite the lack of updates lately.  Had a lot going on and all.  That said, I’m still working on the post for Stripes (two more locations to check out).  I’m also working on a post for Aggie Stop, which is in the MSC, but have to go back to get the small ICEE prices because they had none posted and the employee at the counter didn’t know.

After that, I still need to hit the two movie theaters and then…I think that may be all of them, at least for now.  @_@  If you know of any I’m missing, drop me a dime!

Oh, I’m also probably going to convert these from posts to pages so they are easier to find for readers and more clearly indexed.  I might also play with the images a bit, try putting in a gallery for the ones that cover multiple locations, so I can more easily pop in pics as I add more. 🙂

So stay tuned!  It’s freezing here right now, but I’m also off for two weeks and the temps will be going back up, so hopefully I can finish my Stripes check and get that posted before year’s end.