2016 Goal Check In: November Results

Final two financial goals taken care of, very little progress otherwise.


  1. Pay off the $5,000 personal loan I took out to replace the flat roofDONE!!!
  2. Pay off Discover Card, in fullDONE!  Though it likely will have a balance again next year, but for now, it’s $0 🙂

Fitness and Health

  1. Reach target weight of 145 lbs. (weight on January 1st: 165.6)Current Weight: 174.3– FAILED just not happening this year; October’s events led to lots of emotional eating and gained almost 10 lbs 🙁
  2. Do some form of physical activity, be it go to the rec, walk, or bike campus, at least twice a week

Around the House

  1. Paint bedroom – still in progress…first coat done, second coat 25% done, trim not picked, also working on picking blinds
  2. Clean up/out home office closet (smaller one)
  3. Clean up/out built-ins in cat’s room
  4. Get the final drawer back in the actual kitchen cabinet
  5. Weed front gardens and try to add new plants as finances permit


  1. Complete at least one “project,” started or not, that’s sitting around the house (e.g. puzzle, design own painted pony, horse rug, model car kit, etc.)
  2. Play through at least 3 console games (Tales of Graces F won’t count for this purpose since it was primarily paid in 2015) – 2 DONE! Gave up on Genji: Days of the Blade; started and finished Tales of Xillia (PS3) and roughly 70-80% done withTales of Xillia 2
  3. Recode An Eclectic World to PHP with proper admin
  4. Finish ICEE Guide
  5. Get all Italy pictures processed and posted