An Eclectic World Recode: Status Update

Since it’s been five months since my last post on the recode, thanks to mostly focusing on work stuff, I figured it was a good time to do a status check and see where things stand.

First, as I mentioned awhile back, I flipped my main host.  While An Eclectic World is still currently at HostNexus, because of being ColdFusion, I am now using Vivio Technologies for my primary hosting.  So part of the recode also will be moving it to the new host at launch.

Vivio is on CPanel, rather than Plesk, and has the added bonus of having Zend Framework 2.4.9 available as a one button install.  Which may potentially be the way to solve the issue of dealing with the framework in a hosted environment.

The second is building a second major app in Zend and Bootstrap helped me really improve my abilities with it, and finally built a good, solid set of custom form elements that implement Bootstrap stylings.  Which means I should be able to build the new AEW even better and faster!  Yeah! 😀

With that said, I’m still attempting to do my goal of having the recode done by the end of the year (or at least by March 2017 so I can get off of HostNexus and not have to pay for another year).  My posts on the recode will still attempt to mostly focus on unusual features and “tricks” learned, though I also plan to go over the Application set up and do at least one walkthrough of a basic module and its core CRUD functions.

The one thing I haven’t quite figure out is how to post about the custom form elements – it would be some 20 posts if I just cover one in each post.  Some are fairly short, though, so I could do a combo, while others are longer, like formRow, which would be a huge post even on its own.  But I hate splitting the same basic topic across two posts LOL  I will probably split them off into a separate series, for easier reference either way.

All that said, stay tuned.  With the big project at work mostly done, other than launching next week, and a bit of downtime until things ramp up again, I’m planning to hit the recode hard to get as much done as I can.