The Incomplete Project List

One of my goals for 2016 is to finish at least one of the crafty type projects lying around my house that have lain around uncompleted for years (in some cases decades).  This post takes a bit of a tour through those projects, and in a way, through a few bits of myself.

Incomplete Projects 1 - Latch Hook Rug

Contender #1: Bernat Fashion Latch Hook Kit, Arabian Horse – 12 years

I bought this kit back in February 2004, having long desired to try doing latch hook and having done a few other sewing projects before.  Of course, me being me, I didn’t get some small little starter kit, no, I got this Arabian Horse rug because it was pretty…pretty and a 27”x40” project with hundreds, if not thousands, of little hooks.

As you can see from the picture, I haven’t gotten very much done despite having it for 12 years.  Still, of the projects on this list, it is the one I’m most likely to work on because it is relatively easy to do once I get in the groove and it would mesh well with my goal of watching more DVDs.  Plus, I really want to finish the @#($)*@#($ thing.

Incomplete Projects 2 - Lamborghini Kit 1

Contender #2: Testors Lamborghini Countach Collector Set – 21-25 years

Incomplete Projects 2 - Lamborghini Kit 2

The oldest of the options on this list, I was given this model kit set by my mom in the late 80s or early 90s (the kit itself is circa 1988).  It is also arguably the most expensive one to complete as it was never started and I have absolutely no supplies for it.  Each model requires 11-12 bottle paints, 2 or 3 spray paints, as well as the general model kit supplies of glue, tools, etc.  It would also likely be very time intensive and I’m not sure if I really want to do them. 

I used to have a passing interest in model cars, but not at this kind of heavy detailed level and these days not much at all.  As the kit was a gift from my mom and I’ve had it so long, I think I hold on to it more for sentimental reasons than any real desire to assemble it “some day.” 

So as a potential project to finish, this one will likely always be “never started” much less completed.  If I were going to work on it, I’d really want a good work table to have it at and to sit at.  I don’t want to work with glue or paints on my dining table, and it’s the only surface I have that would be big enough.

Incomplete Projects 3 - Painting

Contender #3: Oil Painting – 2 years

The only project that is all “me” rather than a kit is this oil painting I started in 2014 but never finished.  I intended it to have two hands, one in the water, and one that could be reaching out to pull it up or to push it down.  Suffice to say, I never put in the hands, in part because I suck at body parts and I have no idea why I decided to even try a painting with them.

With its current form, it would be relatively easy to finish it up as one of my more usual landscape style pictures, except most of my paints are old and I have some ruined brushes.  So it would cost money and oil painting is not a cheap hobby (one reason I rarely do it, the other being I’m too lazy to deal with cleaning the brushes – water color is so much easier to clean up).

Still, I do hate having an unfinished painting lingering around…

Incomplete Projects 4 - Painted Ponies Kits

Contender #4: Painted Ponies Paint Your Own Pony Kits (2) – 5 years

My sweetie gave me the two The Trail of Painted Ponies Paint Your Own Pony kits as a Valentine’s Day present in 2011.  I love Painted Ponies and have about a dozen or so, and I liked the idea of making my own.  Both kits have sat unopened since I got them.  *blush*

I never did come up with any good, workable ideas for my pony designs and I have little confidence in my ability to do any of the design ideas I did come up with well (like a Hello Kitty pony or something around photography).  Still, I think it would be fun to work on them, though again, I really wish I had a good project table for doing that kind of thing.

Incomplete Projects 5 - Jigsaw Puzzles

Contender #5: Bob Ross Jigsaw Puzzles (4) – 9 Years

I love Bob Ross!  I grew up watching Joy of Painting and it was that show that led to me doing the smattering of oil painting I do now (and where most of my techniques came from).  As a teen, I always wanted one of the Bob Ross Master Paint Sets but it wasn’t something my mom could ever afford to get me.

Fast forward to 2007 when, as they had done several years, our local PBS status KAMU did their annual auction which included a Bob Ross set – with the Master Paint set, multiple books, a DVD of episodes, and four jigsaw puzzles of Bob’s paintings.  I decided that was the year my dream was coming true and I bid on it, and kept bidding on it until I won it for just $90!! 

I was so so happy.  I fully admit, I have never opened the Master set, watched the DVD, and just flipped through the books once or twice.  *doh*  I also haven’t opened any of the jigsaw puzzles.  Doing one or all of the puzzles would be the easiest of the projects to do, other than again needing to find space (it would have to be the dining table).  Still, it’s probably the only way I’d ever get my own Bob Ross “paintings” 😛