Snippet Keyboard Shortcuts in Dreamweaver – *facepalm*

One feature of ColdFusion Builder/Eclipse that I've always looked at longingly when my partner used it was popping in a snippet with a keyboard shortcut. Why oh why didn't Dreamweaver have such an awesome feature? Well, I discovered recently that it does, and has since at least Dreamweaver 8!

So, in case anyone else like there has been living on another planet and hasn't discovered this amazingly helpful option, I figured I'd share the how to. You can get to the snippets keyboard shortcut area from two places. To me, it's faster to right click on a snippet and click "Edit Keyboard Shortcuts" (and no, in all my years of using Dreamweaver, I never right clicked on a snippet…).

This opens up the Keyboard Shortcuts for snippets.

You can also get to this dialog by going to Edit > Keyboard Shortcuts, or if you have the default shortcuts, using CTRL+Q, then selecting Snippets from the Commands drop down.

However you get there, from here it works the same as any other keyboard short cut. Click the Snippet you want to assign a shortcut to then click in the "Press Key" box. Hit the keyboard combo you want to use, then click change.

One particularly nice bit about the keyboard shortcuts for snippets is that once you've assigned them, they display in the snippets window! So useful if you forget them from time to time *innocent whistle*

So there ya go…hopefully my embarrassment saves someone else years of wishing for what they already have 😉

As a side note, a few weeks ago I set myself up a "schedule" for all the stuff I need to work on during a week: this site, Animania, an update to my personal site, etc. so that I would do a better job of posting to all my blogs regularly. Yet you may have noticed this site was quite for over two weeks…alas, I foolishly set Friday as my day to do posts for here. I've since realized that Friday is like the last day of the week I want to do much of anything because I'm usually exhausted mentally and physically. So I'll be redoing my schedule and hopefully no more long breaks 🙂