User Guide Done, Checking In, New Series

Last Friday I finally finished that user guide I mentioned in my last post. It took about 22 work days, where I was able to give 4-5 hours attention to it most of those days. The finally product is 207 pages long with 335 screenshots and just over 30,000 words. It is still technically a "first draft" beyond my partner reviewing it and pointing out a few minor issues that have been corrected, but we've passed it on to the clients.

Isn't it pretty?


All in all, I'm rather proud of it. It's the first I've started that I actually completed, and I think the results were worth the effort even if we never even got a thank you for it (which we didn't). We are already planning to do something similar for one of our other major apps that has a lot of users. For that one, I made a series of how-to videos back when it first launched (quit laughing, I know my voice is hideous), but we've realized a true user guide would be more useful, particularly as we tend to have new users coming in monthly.

Anyway, I printed out my finished user guide I printed out intending to edit it on paper (my preferred method), but my brain isn't quite ready for that yet. Heck, right now it is still hard for me to even get into the mood to write anything else. As such, my blogs are still relatively quiet, in case you haven't noticed. For this site in particular, we're also between projects right now, so not much going on could result in something to post about.

I am contemplating starting a "Friday Fun" series, where in Fridays I'd post more fun related things, which I suspect would mostly end up being about games I've played/am playing, books read, maybe weird/fun stuff I found online, things like that. I've been thinking about doing this for awhile now, so by writing it out here I'm forcing myself to commit to it! 🙂

For now, I just wanted to confirm that yes, I'm still here, I'm still active, so don't write me off just yet! (mild pun intended)