A Bit of a Refresh

I fully admit, the template for this site is kind of bleh. It is one of the pre-built templates that comes with Mango blog that I only made a few quick basic customizations to. I've never been fully happy with it, so this morning I finally spent a little time playing around with it some more. It still isn't perfect, but the changes make me just a bit happier. So if you haven't already noticed, the tweaks I made include:

  1. Redid the core CSS to use more flexible widths – I have always had a bit of a hatred for fixed width designs, especially with text heavy content
  2. Dropped the old description – it's been over a year since the rename and refocus so it seemed redundant
  3. New subtitle text and colors
  4. Upped the header fonts a bit to make the name easier to see
  5. A few style tweaks to the comment form, including making the text area a bit bigger by default (code topics tend to lend themselves to bigger comments), fixing the wonky double parenthetical text, adding a note about moderate, and I also made the inputs a bit longer because hey, if my email address can't fit completely it isn't big enough! 😛
  6. Speaking of comments, they now have a little bit better delineation between them so should be a little easier to read
  7. Updated the site footer to more accurately reflect the design status stuff
  8. Added a full archive by month/year page for easier date browsing
  9. Updated my links in the side bar a bit
  10. FINALLY moved the common header/footer stuff to separate file so I don't have to maintain all ten to do these kinds of changes 🙂

One thing not fixed is the archive by category. I just cannot figure out why the pagination is not working. It works perfectly on Animania, with is running the same version of Mango Blog and is on the same server. I've even tried copying the core code over from Animania, in case I'd fixed it there at some other point, but still no go. With this site, you see the next/previous links, they just aren't actually advancing the content, only the pages. It's very frustrating…if any other Mango users have encountered this and have a fix, let me know.