Advanced ColdFusion Training: Session 6

For our next to the last session of the Advanced training, we looked at generating PDFs on the fly with , then explored several new tags and functions that were introduced in ColdFusion 8: , , and , along with their related child tags, and the new 50+ strong image function set! With these tags, we looked at working with and manipulating existing PDFs, pre-filling existing PDF forms, creating and processing PDF form submissions on the server, and a the of image creation and manipulation options. We concluded by looking at the awesomeness of , which makes it relatively easy to create RSS and Atom feeds, and to consume and present existing ones with the ease of outputting a query! This session was one of the longest ones we've done, taking the full 3 hours to conduct on September 24, 2009.

Table of Contents:

Part I: Working With PDFS

  • Generating PDFs on the Fly with
    • Arguments and Child Tags
    • Embedding Your Generated PDF
  • The Power of
    • AddWatermark and RemoveWatermark
    • DeletePages and Merge
    • Protect
    • Read, Write, Thumbnail
    • ProcessDDX
  • PDF Forms

Part II: Image Manipulation

    • Border
    • Captcha
    • Info, Read, Convert, Write, and WriteToBrowser
    • Resize and Rotate
  • Image functions
    • ImageRead() and ImageWrite()
    • IsImage() and IsImageFile()
    • ImageGetBlob()
    • Manipulating an Image


Best Practices and Reminders

Applying What We Learned


  • Appendix A: Chart of elements available from with GetInfo
  • Appendix B: Valid Named Colors in Image Functions and CFImage
  • Appendix C: Query Object Columns for Atom and RSS Feeds
    • Standard RSS/Atom Elements
    • Supported iTunes Elements
    • Supported Dublin Core Elements

Download the 41 page PDF

Ye ol' disclaimer: These sessions are not exact copies of the Adobe materials. I sometimes combine their units, and I removed all “homework” and the Dreamweaver dependent stuff. I also often reorder the content order, and rewrite large chunks, adding in my own materials and research where I feel necessary/relevant. As such, any errors here are likely mine. For this session, I combined Adobe's original advanced training sections 8 and 9, plus added a good 15-20 pages of my own content to fill out their horribly lacking coverage of some very good topics.